Apple iPhone 6C Specifications [Leaked]

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The craze over the Apple products have never ended among the people due to perfection and their trust over the company. We can see a lot of upcoming gadgets this year and iPhone 6C is one of them that people wait about. As the name mentions, the C in 6C represents Color as previously we know for iPhone 5C. According to the rumors and taking Apple iPhone 6C specifications taking into account, this phone could be faster than iPhone 6S but with limited features.

Apple 6C is supposed to have A9 64-bit processor and 2 GB of RAM. This is after the long time Apple is increasing the iPhone's memory. Hopefully, the future higher end iPhone would be having 2 GB memory, say from iPhone 7.

iPhone 6C specifications


As per the rumors, the company may push major updates to the next iPhone. Thus we don't know whether it is going to be a iPhone 6C or iPhone 7C.

In this release, Apple has shrunk the screen size of iPhone. It has said to be having 4-inch screen, just like iPhone 5S. If you are currently using a smartphone that has a bigger screen, then it won't be a better choice for you to upgrade as you will feel everything to be smaller.

Apple iPhone 6C is said to have a Touch ID too, and hence upgrading from iPhone 4S is a better option. It is even a worthy upgrade from iPhone 5S because, Apple should be implementing Touch ID v2 which is a way faster than iPhone 5S had. Also the design and dimensions are completely different from iPhone 5S. The processor is a faster one and memory is bigger than iPhone 6S.

Even though according to rumors, iPhone 6C is to have faster processor but a smaller screen, the price of the iPhone 6C should be lower than the iPhone 6S. This is because, the display screen seems to be costing more for a company than any other components required for the device. Hence, making it smaller might make the production cost of gadget to become lower and we can expect a cheaper iPhone 6C.

Regarding the battery, iPhone 6C is supposed to have 1642 mAh battery which is slightly greater than iPhone 5S. You can think that this is enough for a 4-inch smartphone but remember that it has added features and the latest operating system. iPhone 6C should have same battery life as iPhone 5S with few hours plus or minus.

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UPDATE: The new upcoming iPhone discussed in this article might be named as iPhone 5e.

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