Apple iPhone 5 in India on November 2

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The craze if smartphone has been spread well across the country. Once upon a time, people preferred only the basic model and cheap mobile phones. But, as the technology made the human life more simpler, people have started to love smartphones. India, being the developing country, citizens choose products in a smart way. Android became the most popular operating system used by the people. The reason behind may be due to availability of numerous Applications on Android. But, after experiencing the awesomeness of smartphone, people have started to buy iPhone. Most of them in India bought Apple iPhone 4S. Before the release of Apple iPhone 5, there were some rumors about the physical appearance and features of Apple iPhone 5. So, some people as far I heard were waiting for new Apple iPhone 5. Apple released many new product on Apple Day. One of them is Apple iPhone 5. It revealed the iOS 6 on the same day. The new Apple iOS 6 provided great features.

Apple iPhone 5 is now coming to India for sale. Apple has extended its support to India as the number of Apple users have become more recently in India. The Apple Store started to show the price rate in Indian Rupees. Earlier, it showed in the United States Dollar format. This change shows that Apple is now targeting India. Apple iPhone 5 is going to attract numerous customers in India on November 2, 2012. Apple has fixed the date for releasing iPhone 5 in India but Apple didn't reveal the price of iPhone 5.

Apple iPhone 5 App store


Do you think Apple iPhone 5 will attract Indians? Though Apple products sounds high in price, their products have a great trust and thoughts in the minds of people. They give a high status to people. Apple iPhone 5 can support almost all iOS 6 applications while previous versions of iPhone may deny some.

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  • Bhabna says:

    That Phone Is Very Cool Guies & I Think Every One Who Can Have To Buy It..