Apple iPad Mini Release Date - Rumor?

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Apple, the giant in making awesome computers,  mobile phones and other communication devices is now rumored about the release of iPad Mini. Well, though this question raised since long back, it was a rumor question but the news seems to be serious now. Apple looks like, they have confirmed about the release of Apple iPad Mini. Though the official website contains no news about this, blogs which feature information about apple computers and its products, says that the release iPad Mini release date will be in the month of November.

What feature does it contain? Why there is a need for iPad Mini when you have an iPod touch. These were the question discussed on Apple websites' support forum by some of the members in the forum. The thread was created two weeks back and people who commented back to the thread, some told that there was no iPad mini. Actually, the person who created the thread asked about iPad Mini and wished people to say about the release date.

iPad Mini


Recently, iLounge blog which posts articles mostly based on Apple products and applications has posted about the iPad Mini release. It said that Apple is currently working on case of the iPad Mini and will be soon released in the month of November.

It seems, Apple is competing with Google. After the release of Google Nexus 7 tablet computer, there is a talk going on around the web that Apple going to release it's iPad Mini. The design and case will be more sleek and smaller for iPad mini thereby creating a smaller iPad than that of a ordinary iPad. But you may think like an iPod touch. Yes, but not small like that and same features. iPad Mini will contain most of the features what an ordinary iPad have.

Most of the people trust Apple due to the brand and quality of the device what they make. If this iPad Mini is not a rumor again, we could wish good stuffs out from it.

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