Announcement From Apple Event September 2017 – iPhone 8, Apple Watch & More


We are back for giving you updates on the big event from Apple. Apple fanboys, brace yourselves, it is going to be a biggest of all the Apple events ever since Apple is going to celebrate the 10th year of anniversary for iPhone. There have been several leaks about the all new iPhone 8 since Apple accidentally leaked a patent to the public. The expectation from the Apple Event September 2017 is very high after several leaks about the new iPhone. All announcement from Apple Event September 2017 will be piled up here.

Announcement from Apple Event September 2017

Apple Event has started with, “Welcome to the Steve Jobs Theater”.

Apple Watch 3

The first product to announce is the all new Apple Watch. 90% of customers of Apple customers are satisfied with the Apple Watch and Tim Cook says that this is the #1 watch in the world. Apple has made more improvements to the heart rate sensor and gives you a better picture of it. Also, Apple has made improvements to the heart rhythm considering several symptoms of diseases. Apple is in a new study to analyze users’ health called “Apple Health Study”.
The major part of Apple Watch is now, it supports cellular. It means you do not need your iPhone to receive calls/messages. It works with the same number as your iPhone uses. Apple Watch Series 3 can play music and Apple says, “You can play 40 million songs on your wrist”. A dual core processor Apple Watch 3 is made reliably fast and has made Siri process the voice queries faster than ever.
Apple Watch 3 has a dual core processor that is 70% faster than the previous version of Apple Watch.
The display itself acts as an antenna on Apple Watch providing better connectivity for all cellular technology. The size of the Apple Watch 3 is same as Apple Watch 2 but with more features added.
Gold, Silver, Space Gray are the three colour flavours of the all new Apple Watch 3 and also introduces other wonderful colour strips.
The all new Apple Watch 3 will be available on September 22, 2017.

Apple TV 4K

4K HDR – which means 4 times the HD quality along with HDR technology. Not only the movies but also the Apple TV UI is redesigned in 4K to experience the full 4K. The Apple TV has got A10X and 2 times faster and graphics are 4 times faster than the previous version.
4K movies are available on iTunes for the same price as HD movies.
Live Sports is one of the features in Apple TV that can notify you for the live match that can happen and also lets you display scores on your TV while watching.
Apple has brought a new gaming experience on Apple TV, of course in 4K. The game, Sky is announced at the Apple Event. The game will come up with the Apple TV but later on iPhone and iPad later this winter.
Apple TV 4K is shipped from September 22, 2017.

Apple iPhone 8 / 8 Plus

Apple has improved its sensors to show more details on the picture. Also, made improvements on low-light photography. The portrait mode on iPhone 8 Plus is made more detailed than iPhone 7 Plus had.
iPhone 8 Plus has portrait lighting that makes subject to highlight subtracting the background.
Apple has designed a new video encoder for faster video encoding. This helps in a better quality and frame rates while shooting 4K videos. Now you can shoot 1080p at 240 frames per second.
iPhone 8/8 Plus is the first smartphone that helps in Augmented Reality. There have been several Augmented Reality games that can be played on iPhone. Directive Games has developed an augmented reality game for the all new iPhone.
And, no headphone jack!
iPhone 8’s back is made of glass finish, providing the freedom for wireless charging.
iPhone 8 and 8 Plus will have 64 GB and 256 GB and be priced at $699 and $799 respectively. The all new iPhone 8 and 8 Plus will be available from September 22, 2017.
iOS 11 will be available from September 19, 2017.

One more thing…

Apple calls this as, “Future of technology”.
Yes, the all new iPhone that we were seeing in the rumour videos are true. This is iPhone X, pronounced as iPhone 10.
iPhone X comes with Super Retina Display with size 5.8 inches. 2436 x 1125 pixels resolution. The Super Retina Display uses OLED display but overcoming traditional OLED display.
iPhone X has no Home button. To go to home screen, you do need to swipe up from the bottom. Swipe up from the bottom but pause this time to see multi tasking apps.
How to unlock iPhone X?
You look at it, it recognized you. Apple calls it as Face ID. This is how your iPhone is protected. The TrueDepth camera on the front will help recognize your face even in dark.
Apple has taken several neural networks and uses A11 Bionic Neural Engine to fasten the facial recognition. Even if you change your hair style, or put up glasses, or when in dark, Face ID can recognize your face accurately.
If your eyes are closed, then the iPhone is not going to unlock as one may unlock someone’s iPhone while the iPhone’s owner is sleeping.
Since Face ID is based on machine learning, it adapts to your face over time. Face ID also supports for third-party apps.
An exciting feature of iPhone X is Animoji. Since Apple iPhone X supports Face ID, you can create animated emojis for iMessage with animation based on your facial expressions, along with your voice.
iPhone X has two 12 MP camera at the rear side and features dual optical image stabilization. the iPhone X supports portrait lighting feature as iPhone 8 Plus. The TrueDepth camera on the front side of iPhone X can help you take portrait selfies and also supports portrait lighting.
iPhone X features Apple A11 chip.
iPhone X lasts 2 hours more than iPhone 7, even though there are several new features than the previous models. iPhone X also supports wireless charging.
AirPower will help you to charge all iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods simultaneously and that too, wirelessly.
The price of iPhone X is $999 and ships from November 3, 2017.
What did you expect from Apple Event September 2017? Did Apple satisfied all of you? Share your comments below.

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