Adobe Flash Player No Longer Supported for Android Devices

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Android, which is a popular mobile operating system from an internet giant, Google supported Adobe Flash player for various purposes. Particularly, it behaves as a plugin to a Web browser in the Android smartphone.  Adobe has now announced that it will stop developing Adobe Flash Players for Android. Recently, we heard some buzz that Microsoft will follow Apple in future instead of Adobe Flash Player. That move was by Microsoft and not by Adobe. But, this  time, for Android, Adobe has stopped producing Flash Players for Android based devices. It doesn't completely mean that Adobe Flash player no longer supported for Android. But new versions will not be available for Android.

No longer support for Android - Adobe Flash player

The title might have looked weird but not much serious. Adobe Flash Players will work fine in web browser of Android smartphone or smart device. The previous versions of Adobe Flash Players will really work fine as usual they do. There is no changes in existing products. Adobe will not release or update any Flash Player versions for Android version beyond 4.0.x. SO, no more new configuration of Android will support Adobe Flash Player. That is why, I mentioned that Adobe Flash Player no longer for Android.

The evolution of HTML5 has made the web more better. HTML5 has become the easiest and a an effective way to deploy content in the mobile web browsers. However, Flash is older and designers and developers can just bring different creative stuffs to the world.

Adobe wants to continue their full support on developing its Flash Player services in Desktops. When Adobe offered Apple to bring iPad, iPhone and other Apple devices a Flash touch, Apple rejected the offer. But Android had made it possible. Google and Flash joined to make Android mobile experience much better.

Most of the websites uses flash. You might  have seen many Flash sites which are spread over the web and also experienced fun out of it. I could see Adobe updates its Flash Player regularly and works much hard to give a better and efficient web surfing experience.

Some people had purchased Android devices only because of compatibility of surfing Flash sites. An Apple device doesn't supports Flash based websites. Flash Players are also an excellent one for vendors who provide advertisements to websites. Some sites earn a lot of money by Advertisements and vendors provide Flash based Advertisements. People who surf using an iPad or an iPhone can't see any flash content. But Android shows them.

Adobe Flash Player still runs on Android but it's no longer for new versions. Usually an upgraded on improves the user experience and also makes faster.

In this situation, BBC said that their own BBC iPlayer for Android Video Player. Flash is much essential for watching videos on YouTube or any other online video services.

But after all this, Adobe told that it will fix security issues and bugs which are in the current versions of Adobe Flash Player. And also, this will be till September 2013 but won't support any Android device beyond 4.0.x.

What's your thought on Adobe or Google? Have you ever imagined to happen like this. Just drop your comment below.

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  • If Flash support is not their what will happen to sites with flash player...

    • Arjun says:

      Adobe doesn't removes their software from Android. They have just stopped producing newer versions. Flash players will be still available on Android, but till today's version of Adobe Flash player.

  • S.L.D. says:

    Adobe Flash worked fine on my previous phone, HTC Merge. Flash supposedly came pre-installed on my new phone, Samsung Galaxy S Aviator, but does not actually work, nor is supported by this device, so why is it in the phone's app list?
    I can no longer use websites that require flash. Very frustrating as there were many.

  • susan says:

    If Adobe flash will not work on yahoo, etc, what do we use in it's place. I'm not real computer literate so any help you can give will be very appreciated. Thanks.