A Better Smartphone by Samsung: Galaxy S III


Samsung Galaxy S III is now unveiled with great features. The features looks like the world entering into a new generation of Artificial intelligence, it looks like. Smart character of a phone worth high but Samsung Galaxy S III will be available in reasonable price. iPhone is awesome but having a one makes us feel unique in our friends circle but do you want to buy a phone for just making ourselves unique in a circle or do you want a phone which facilitates more features? The second choice will be better one, right? I am not telling that iPhone is bad, but Samsung Galaxy S III has new advanced features than the current version of iPhone. May be, Apple can bring such features in the iPhone 5.

Samsung Galaxy S III is powered by Android 4.0 ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich).

Unlike the previous versions of Galaxy mobiles, Samsung Galaxy S III provides new features which makes the smartphone’s life better. Usually a smartphone have great features but it fails to enhance special features in normal phone call. Samsung has concentrated in that feature too. When you are typing some message to your friends or colleagues or relatives and when you change your mind to call that person, just lift your phone and keep it in your ears. Samsung Galaxy S III will launch a adirect call to the person you are messaging.

You can also share photos, music and data easily from your phone to another Galaxy S III phone. Just Place your Samsung galaxy S III mobile and other Galaxy S III mobile back to back to enable sharing. No WiFi or other cellular connection is required of sharing such stuffs. A new technology called S Beam has made it possible. Photo Sharing has made simple by social tag. Phone recognizes the face of the person in the photo and automatically shares the photo with them. Sharing of files when you are at distant places is also possible. Documents, photos and music can be shared when you are at office from home. The Phone can identify the conatct details of the person in the picture and lets you option to call, message or email the contact.

AllShare Cast is a new feature on Samsung Galaxy S III which makes you to play Videos in large screens simultaneously. you may play a video in your phone and in your Display monitor or LED or LCD TV simultaneously. It is possible by a dongle attached with Television or any larger display set.

It facilitates a 8 Mega Pixel of Camera and a zero lag time shutter speed. A front camera of 1.9 Mega Pixel Camera can also be used for capturing images and mainly for video calling. Samsung Galaxy S III can support a 4G network which can provide you a faster network than ever. Front Camera can also be used for Full High Definition video recording. Still image shots can capture a continuous sequence of pictures and Galaxy S III might choose a best shot in that picture.

Samsung Galaxy S III senses your eye, voice and movements. When you miss some call, it waits till you care working on some other thing on some other stuffs, for example you are eating. When you look at your phone, it makes a notification regarding a missed call. Just look at your mobile to get missed call notifications by a vibration. Not only for missed calls, also for you messages.

Whenever you look at your phone, it maintains a bright display so that you can check notification in your phone without touching your phone.

You may have a chat with your close friend or some other people smoothly by watching a video in a pop out window. Both tasks can be carried out simultaneously. Samsung Galaxy S III allows you to do two tasks simultaneously. A video of 4.8 inches of High Definition video can be viewed in a Super AMOLED display.

LTE network which is now available on some countries allows the users to download files more faster than a current 3G network.

Similar to Siri, a new feature named S Voice has been introduced in Samsung Galaxy S III which responds to your voice. For example, when you want to send an SMS to Rohit, just say, “Send an SMS to Rohit”. It in turn asks, “What content?”. just reveal the content. It automatically sends the message after your completion of message.

Hardware configuration of Samsung Galaxy S III is powered by a new  Exynos 4 core Quad chipset which is clocked at 1.4 Ghz. It facilitates 1 GB of RAM.

Samsung has announced that it will release its Galaxy S III in the month of June making the customers to wait for a smarter mobile phone eagerly. The Price of Galaxy S III would be in the range of $ 199 to $ 399 depending upon the size of memory it could offer. What do you think about this phone? Do you like this? Share your thoughts below.

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