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How To Buy at Mi Diwali Sale at Re 1 [2018]

Mi Diwali Sale

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October is a month of discounts where a lot of Indian e-commerce store showers a lot of offers on various products. Diwali, the festival of lights is coming soon in the month of November and Mi has... more

MacBook Not Charging? 3 Methods To Fix

MagSafe 2 Charger - MacBook not Charging

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Is your MacBook not charging, or is it charging only if you adjust your MagSafe charger? This means that either the port or the charger is dead. Read through this article to know what to do if your... more

How To Appear Offline on Facebook

11 months ago   2 comments

We want our close ones last active time to chat with them. Whenever you miss your close friend or beloved, you used to keep track of their last seen. This "last seen" may also create problems in... more

Replace Two Spaces with One Space [Keyboard Fix]

Replace Two spaces with One Space

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I recently bought a gaming keyboard that was expensive. The keyboard looked great and everyone who sees my keyboard starts loving my keyboard. In spite of the cosmetic looks and features of the... more

Mac-like Swipe Back and Forward Touchpad on Browser for Windows

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If you have come from a Macintosh, you should have been really used the two-finger swipe back and forwards in web browser. After switching to a Windows PC, it is a hard thing to easily navigate... more

How To: Picture-in-Picture For Firefox Quantum

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There has been always a competition between all the browsers to perform better. If a browser serves web page faster, there seems to consume more memory, whereas, if it consumes less memory, the rate... more

How To: Share 3D Post on Facebook

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Facebook has recently launched a feature to post 3D objects on the timeline. This is a boon to artists and creators who would like to design and publish their models. In the era of Augmented Reality,... more

How To Bring Back View Image Button on Google Images

1 year ago   3 comments

Google has removed the popular "View Image" button from Google Images search results. This is the most popular and familiar button on Google Image Search Results while doing our homework and... more

Facebook: How To Turn Off Seen On Messenger [Web]

Turn Off Seen on Messenger Facebook

2 years ago   2 comments

Privacy is an important asset when it comes to social media. There should be a control over your data that you share on the Internet. Despite Facebook, there are several social networking sites that... more

Search YouTube Watch History [How To]

Search YouTube Watch History

2 years ago   2 comments

We watch a lot of videos every day on YouTube and it is very hard to remember about the every video we watch. YouTube might suggest some of your watched videos watch it again but the human mind is... more