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5 Popular & Free Android Apps For Google Chrome

Temple Run Android App for Google Chrome

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There is always been craze for Android smartphones in countries like India. As they support a hell lot of games and apps, most of the youngsters go for it than choosing iOS or Windows Phone. Most of... more

WhatsApp is a SpyApp : Your Ex-Boyfriend Can Spy On You!

WhatsApp is a SpyApp

8 years ago   9 comments

Are you an avid WhatsApp user and do you feel that WhatsApp is completely secure as only people with your phone number can communicate with you? Yes, you may be right but WhatsApp does not hide your... more

7 Reasons Why BBM Sucks for Android : BBM Bugs

Why BBM Sucks for Android

8 years ago   6 comments

Blackberry Messenger is one of the most popular messengers to send messages to people easily through mobile data. There was once a season when people bought Blackberry smartphones just because of... more

5 Best Voice Changing Apps for Android

Voice Changer for Android

8 years ago   14 comments

People buy Android for numerous free apps available in Android store. Not only due to free apps but also, those products ensure quality before it is sent to customer's hand. Android, one of the... more

TeamViewer like App for Android to control a PC

TeamViewer like App to control PC from Android

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Android is really becoming popular among people over the world. Statistically, Android users are more when compared to other mobile users like iOS, Symbian etc. We recently posted about the Symbian... more

Top 5 Music Apps for Android - Trending

Music Apps for Android

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Music is a part of almost everyone”™s life. With the launch of Smartphones there has been a revolution in the field of music. You get thousands of apps with portable music. Google Play Store... more

The Launch of New Apple Products : Apple Day

Apple Products iPhone Ipod Touch Nano

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The "big" launch of Apple new products has been celebrated on Wednesday. The new Apple products  like iPhone 5, iPod Nano, EarPods, iPod touch and improvement of iTunes. The Apple store was made to... more

DeuterIDE allows to Compile and Run 40+ Computer Programming Languages on Android and BlackBerry

DeuterIDE programming languages Android Blackberry

9 years ago   3 comments

Programming is always interesting for geeks. If you know the basics well and capable of solving problems, you'll love to code. I see some programmers always carrying their notebooks or keyboards... more

Best Document / PDF Reader for Java Mobiles

Java PDF Reader

9 years ago   7 comments

After the evolution of smartphone and tablet computers, people have started to recycle their Java mobiles. Mainly, due to large number of applications available for iOS and Android, people started to... more

5 Android Apps to Create Custom Vibrations

Create Custom Vibrations in Android

9 years ago   3 comments

Smartphone users might have known about the Custom Vibrations that they can create with their smartphone and can have it as a message or call vibrating tone. The iOS 6 Beta has integrated a feature... more