Symbian Fall : Verge of Extinction

Symbian on the verge of Extinction

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Symbian on seeing this word, We get recollected to Nokia, one of the leading seller of mobiles all over the world. Symbian is actually  an mobile operating system which gets in with most of the... more

Use your Mobile as Gun: Fire anyone

Weaphones Gun Application iOS Apple

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Usage of mobile have become tremendous in this world. A device which is essential for all to communicate but also, it attracts youngsters and other people by bringing fun and interactive... more

Nokia's 41 MP PureView in Lumia [Leaked]

Nokia PureView Lumia Leaked

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Nokia, at MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2012 unveiled its great technology of integrating a carl zeiss lens of 41 Mega Pixel. Nokia has planned to integrate the Nokia's 41 Mega Pixel PureView in... more

Create a Nokia App for your Website and Monetize it

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Nokia is the most trusted brand in the hearts of customers since the evolution of the very first mobile in Nokia. If you are a social site lover, you might have seen some funny images that shows the... more

Protect your mobile from theft or loss: MobiCop

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Usually a smallest device or commodity should be handled with care against theft or loss. Mobile, being a useful commodity for communication should always be handled with care and the data stored in... more

Upgrade to Opera Mini 7 : Applicable to all Basic Model Mobiles

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Opera Mini is the most used mobile browser in almost all basic model mobile phones. Even Nokia provides Opera Mini pre installed to some of the basic model mobile phones. The browser which is most... more

SPB Shell 3D for Symbian: Features and Reviews

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User Interface is an important part to be covered during development of a software. In the case of Mobile phones, there becomes a greater competition between different mobile phone software... more