How To Take Screenshot With Time Delay on Mac

Terminal Mac

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Taking screenshots on Mac is very simple. The rule is Command + Shift + 3. However, you can take a screenshot on Mac with the selected portion if you press Command + Shift + 4. And to take, screen... more

How To Recover Deleted Notes [Mac] Without Software

1 year ago   2 comments

Some sources say that macOS 10.15.4 will be the last macOS Catalina update for MacBooks. I thought this update would make my MacBook Pro stable but I was disappointed when I found all my Notes got... more

Fix Unknown File Download on Safari for Mac

Develop Menu for Inspect Element in Safari for Mac

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If you are inside the Apple ecosystem, you probably should be using Safari browser across all your devices. Safari is a light-weight, fast and secure browser with lots of continuity and sync features... more

2016 MacBook Pro Complaints Are Severe Than Pro Talks

2016 MacBook Pro Complaints

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The most prestigious and ultimate hardware from Apple is, a Mac. Whenever you speak about pricing and Apple, it is always overpriced. Apple is often meant for overpricing their products due to... more

Backup All Messages from Messages App on Mac Without Software [How To]

Backup all messages from messages app on mac

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There have been a numerous app that says you can back up your entire messages but those software do not have a way to import the backup back again to the Messages app. Most of the app that provides... more

How To Type Empty Character on Mac [Alt 0173]

Set Alt 0173 on Mac

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Windows has given certain keyboard functionalities that lets users to type in Unicode characters anywhere using Alt key through some number combinations. This feature is not available in other... more

OS X El Capitan: Buggy Operating System of 2015

El Capitan Buggy Operating System

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Apple Forum has recorded the most discussion about the bugs about latest OS X release El Capitan. Even after several version updates on the same El Capitan, not major bugs have been resolved on the... more

Play/Pause & Change Song with Gesture Movements

Control Music with Gesture Controls on Mac and Windows

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You might have heard about technology that uses Arduino chips in order to connect various devices. There are a lot of campuses that use Arduino to show directions to a particular department just when... more

8 Annoying Things On Mac OS X When Switched from Windows

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Switching to a different operating system may be easy but sticking to the new operating system might be based on the ease of usage. Recently I switched to OS X from Windows after roughly around 8... more

Apple Products at WWDC - iOS 7, OS X Mavericks and more

Macbook Air WWDC

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Yesterday, June 10, 2013 was a special day for Apple. The live event conducted yesterday at WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) was getting viral among most of the smartphone users. The products... more