Android Flagship Phones – Sell Them for Peanuts After 2 Years 😡

Do not spend on Android Flagship phones

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It is sad to see that Android flagship phones receive only 2 years of OS updates from the manufacturer. For a flagship phone, where a customer spends a lot of money to buy them receives only two... more

Google Pixel 2 : Competitor For iPhone Coming Soon

Google Pixel 2 is Coming

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The recent Apple Event was a grand success to the company and also it made Apple's competitors to what to introduce on their devices. Google is undoubtedly an innovative company, just like Apple. A... more

Android Gaming: How To Protect From Hacking?

Protect From Hacking

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Gaming has evolved over the years to incorporate smaller devices such as phones, tablets and iPods among other devices. The reason for gaming on these devices is that it is more convenient. These... more

[WhatsApp] Send Message Without Changing Last Seen – How To

Send Message Without Changing Last Seen

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Last seen on WhatsApp is one of the reasons why most of the relationships break. If a guy and a girl are truly in love with each other, there should be a trust. If there isn’t, there are chances... more

Will Your Phone Get Android Nougat Update? Here Is The List

Get Android Nougat Update

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It is big news for all Android fans around the world after Google announced the name for next Android. It's proudly named after a Spanish sweet name, Nougat. Indians are a bit disappointed in this as... more

Score High in Basketball Game on Facebook Messenger [How to]

High Score on Facebook Messneger

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Facebook is bringing a lot of features on Messenger. Most of the functions that are not available on Facebook's desktop site are found on Messenger. It shows that Facebook is concentrating more on... more

Android to Avoid Technology Obsolescence : Be Smart with Google

Avoid Technology Obsolescence with Android

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Are you a fan of any tech company other than Google? A fan of Microsoft? Apple? Well, this post is not targeted to praise Google and offend other most popular tech companies. I'm a big fan of... more

Create Android App For Facebook Page [How To]

App Yet Android App creation

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You got a Facebook Page? You want to earn money through the page? Then you should be reading this. You make a lot of posts each day and extend your page to several people word wide. The only strategy... more

Ensure Smooth Streaming Of IPL 2014 Videos With These Cricket Apps

Yahoo Cricket for IPL Live Streaming

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Most of us always love to watch our favorite cricket teams playing their matches, but sometimes due to busy and hectic schedules we are not able to savor this wonderful dish of cricket called as an... more

Get Android Notifications On Desktop Web Browser

android notifications on desktop

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"Android" - the popular and regular tag which we would say when we want to buy a new smartphone has come up with a lot of apps than imagined. Developers for Android have been dramatically increased... more