4 Things Learned After Snapchat Issue in India

Snapchat Issue in India - Snapchat CEO

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Recently, the social media has gone viral with the Snapchat CEO's statement of an ex-employee claiming that India as a "poor country". In the real scenario, India is a way better than other developed... more

Nokia 3310 Review : Is Not As Good As You Think – Reasons

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We all are excited about the new Nokia 3310 as we already know that Nokia was once a pioneer of making mobile phones that last longer, both regarding battery and life span. After Apple and Android... more

2016 MacBook Pro Complaints Are Higher Than Pro Talks

2016 MacBook Pro Complaints

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The most prestigious and ultimate hardware from Apple is, a Mac. Whenever you speak about pricing and Apple, it is always overpriced. Apple is often meant for overpricing their products due to... more

iPhone 8 Specs and Design Will Outrank Pixel

iPhone 8 Specs and Design will outrank Google Pixel

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After the launch of Google Pixel, reviewers reviewed Google Pixel for the first time and amazed of its quality and wondered of becoming a competitor for iPhone. Except Google Pixel, no other... more

MacBook Pro 2016 Features [Leaked] – Coming Soon

New MacBook Pro 2016 Specifications

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Apple's MacBook Pro is one of the best laptops that you will ever see. Both regarding design and quality, Apple outranks and attracts every customer who buys MacBook Pro. Being an Apple fanatic just... more

Hello! New Social Network From Orkut Founder

Hello New Socila Network from Orkut Founder, Orkut Büyükkökten

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Hello! Hello! Hello! Getting it? 'Hello' is the new social network from the founder of Orkut. Remember the days when we sent scraps to our friends? Yes? Orkut founder, Orkut Büyükkökten has come... more

This Guy Married iPhone [Video]

This Guy Married iPhone

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This generation is more materialistic than our previous generation. The craze for iPhone is so wild that has made a guy marry an iPhone. Yes! You read it right. A guy married iPhone. This guy... more

Freedom 251 to be Delivered, says Ringing Bells

Freedom 251

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How far were we excited to hear a smartphone that can afford for less than $4 (₹251)? During the launch, the company, Ringing Bells had a big event inviting government officials. It made people... more

Interest Based Posts on Facebook News Feed [Coming Soon]

Facebook News Feed Interest based posts

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Facebook is experimenting a massive change on News Feed on all devices; that is on mobile as well as desktop devices. Some of the users are now experiencing the new news feed from Facebook whereas... more

Will Netflix in India wins? Not Everywhere

Netflix in India Pricing

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India is a developing country and Netflix, which is an online movie streaming website launched in India. The starting price of Netflix subscription is ₹500 and it does not have HD though... more