Add To WhatsApp Without Phone Number

WhatsApp without Phone number

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The dream that most of the WhatsApp users wished is about to come into reality. You will be able to share yourself on WhatsApp without phone number. Till date, most of the messaging apps have already... more

WhatsApp Beta for iOS is Available : Here's How To Install

WhatsApp without Phone number

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WhatsApp is the most widely used instant messenger in most of the countries. Facebook even bought the company as it competed with Facebook's Messenger platform. We have already posted a lot of tricks... more

[WhatsApp] Send Message Without Changing Last Seen – How To

WhatsApp without Phone number

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Last seen on WhatsApp is one of the reasons why most of the relationships break. If a guy and a girl are truly in love with each other, there should be a trust. If there isn’t, there are chances... more

Block All Contacts on WhatsApp [How To]

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At times in life, you feel weird that you don't want anyone in your life. You may sometimes feel like you want to block everyone in your life or with some exception. If you are in such a situation,... more

6 Hidden Facts About WhatsApp You May Not Know

WhatsApp without Phone number

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The popular mobile social media, WhatsApp has got a lot of users with the evolution of smartphones. Facebook, though has acquired it, we do not know the business model for WhatsApp to make money. Few... more

[India] Tiranga: Profile Picture Change is Viral on WhatsApp/Facebook

profile picture change is viral

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Crazy modern people everywhere! A mass coverage of any events or proposals are possible through social media is proved. Social media have created a lot of impact over the people and society and has... more