Celebrities Often Criticized For Posting To Twitter From iPhone - Why?

Celebritites Post Twitter for iPhone

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Most of the celebrities do use iPhone but goes as a brand ambassador for an Android smartphone manufacturer. We might have seen several tweets where they claim to have taken a picture from an Android... more

Twitter in 2015 : A Rewind

Twitter in 2015

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I've been started to use Twitter more this year than Facebook. The reason behind this change is, the power of hashtags and the short tweets. I could find like-minded people on Twitter using hashtags... more

Download all Tweets from your Twitter : Coming Soon

Download all Tweets from Twitter Official feature

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Twitter, a unique social networking site will now soon launch the feature to download all tweets from your Twitter account. Currently, there are third party applications that allows you to download... more

Twitter Update for iPhone - Well Improved and More Faster

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Twitter, which is considered to be the most popular social networking for celebrities and people provide application for smartphone and almost all mobiles. A Twitter update for iPhone 4.3 has been... more