[Cambridge Analytica Scandal] Facebook Did Not Leak Data. It's You Who Gave Permission.

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Facebook's privacy policy is in such a way that it has the right to disclose your information to third-party apps. The company would protect your data unless you give permission to share data with... more

How To: Share 3D Post on Facebook

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Facebook has recently launched a feature to post 3D objects on the timeline. This is a boon to artists and creators who would like to design and publish their models. In the era of Augmented Reality,... more

Delete All Facebook Posts in Single Click [How To]

Facebook Post Manager Chrome Extension

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By looking at your memories that Facebook notify about every morning is kind of weird feeling that how stupid you were during the past. One thing that you often do is, either change the privacy of... more

How to Post Facebook Live Video Poll

Facebook Live Video Poll Trick

5 years ago   1 comment

"How to post Facebook Live video poll" is the top notch question I get from various people. I was not aware of the new Facebook live video poll which is going viral everywhere on Facebook pages. I... more

Facebook Status in Large Font Size

Facebook Status in Large Font Size

5 years ago   1 comment

Facebook has rolled out a change in how they display short Facebook statuses. If you are a regular Facebook user and lucky enough, you might have noticed that some of the Facebook status in large... more

Easily Convert Any Image to 360 Degree Photo on Facebook

Convert Any Image to 360 degree photo on Facebook

5 years ago   1 comment

Facebook 360 degree has become popular than anyone expected. Few days ago, we are able to see people creating memes using 360 degree photo. Thinking of a meme with a 360 degree photo is yet another... more

6 Unique Things About Facebook Messenger

Chat Bots for Facebook Messenger

5 years ago   3 comments

Facebook wants to make people experience Messenger separately, and the company has added unique features to the product that makes the chatting experience better. Facebook claims that Messenger has... more

Interest Based Posts on Facebook News Feed [Coming Soon]

Facebook News Feed Interest based posts

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Facebook is experimenting a massive change on News Feed on all devices; that is on mobile as well as desktop devices. Some of the users are now experiencing the new news feed from Facebook whereas... more

Score High in Basketball Game on Facebook Messenger [How to]

High Score on Facebook Messneger

6 years ago   9 comments

Facebook is bringing a lot of features on Messenger. Most of the functions that are not available on Facebook's desktop site are found on Messenger. It shows that Facebook is concentrating more on... more

How To Post via Facebook Mentions without Verified Profile

How to Post via Facebook Mentions

6 years ago   4 comments

Facebook has published an app on App Store and Play Store exclusively for public figures, that is, anyone who has a verified profile can install Facebook Mentions on their smartphone. Facebook... more