Celebrities Often Criticized For Posting To Twitter From iPhone - Why?

Celebritites Post Twitter for iPhone

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Most of the celebrities do use iPhone but goes as a brand ambassador for an Android smartphone manufacturer. We might have seen several tweets where they claim to have taken a picture from an Android... more

Limit Facebook Usage - 3 Effective Techniques

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Today's generation is addicted that they have a lot of Facebook friends rather the friends whom they know personally. This is a dangerous situation where someday, everything becomes only, even... more

Watch Movies Together on Messenger with Friends

Watch Movies Together on Messenger

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Facebook is testing a feature where the Messenger lets you watch movies together. The growth of Messenger is fast and also gives a good user experience. Facebook is also going to introduce a feature... more

Add To WhatsApp Without Phone Number

WhatsApp without Phone number

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The dream that most of the WhatsApp users wished is about to come into reality. You will be able to share yourself on WhatsApp without phone number. Till date, most of the messaging apps have already... more

Lasso : Facebook Created Own Tik-Tok (Musically)


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Facebook has a habit of preventing any companies to be their competition. The company has bought WhatsApp and Instagram which were competition for Facebook. However, when this was questioned during... more

WhatsApp Beta for iOS is Available : Here's How To Install

WhatsApp without Phone number

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WhatsApp is the most widely used instant messenger in most of the countries. Facebook even bought the company as it competed with Facebook's Messenger platform. We have already posted a lot of tricks... more

Messenger Wave Script - Wave Continuously on Facebook Messenger

Messenger Wave Script

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We all have a friend who often "Wave" on Messenger. We wave back to acknowledge their wave but still, they might wave again. I had a similar friend who waves at me and I wave back. Maybe we are mad,... more

How To Post 3D Photos on Facebook

3D Photos on Facebook

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If you are addicted to Facebook, you might of noticed someone posting a 3D photo where the background moves while scorlling the new feed. Do you know how to post 3D photos on Facebook like your... more

Undo Sent Messages on Messenger

Undo Sent Messages On Messenger

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While most of the messenger has the ability to undo sent messages, Messenger is yet to have this feature. Now you cannot undo sent messages on Messenger, however, the Facebook-owned WhatsApp has this... more

Is Your Facebook Hacked? A Major Security Breach

Facebook Security

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A major Facebook security breach has taken place recently and more than 50 million Facebook accounts have been affected. If you are among one of them, then it is easy to find if your Facebook hacked... more