Android Gaming: How To Protect From Hacking?

Protect From Hacking

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Gaming has evolved over the years to incorporate smaller devices such as phones, tablets and iPods among other devices. The reason for gaming on these devices is that it is more convenient. These... more

Anonymous VPN Free - All You Should Know About Free Services

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Are you looking for VPN free? Be careful then! Remember that someone should manage free options. Well, do you think that somebody might work for you pro bono? Got curious? Then read more... more

How To Protect Yourself From Cybercrime : Rise of Cybercriminal [Infographic]

Protect yourself from cybercrime

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Now-a-days, a lot of websites are breached and a lot of those breaches go unreported or unnoticed. A breach may not look as a big issue when it is found on a small website which is not enough... more

Safeguard Email From Spam With 4 Chrome Extensions

Avoid Spam with Disposable email address

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Spamming is one of the easiest way to promote about a product or a brand to enormous amount of people within small amount of time. There are a lot of bots and programs which are helpful for spamming.... more

Update Java for Vulnerability Fix [Strongly Recommended]

Update Java to fix vulnerability

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Java, from Oracle is found everywhere. From your DVD players to car, Java plays a vital role in this tech life. Recent update that was released by Java had a major security flaw where hackers were... more

A Security Breach on FBI Computer made Hackers to get Personal Details of Apple users

AntiSec hacked FBI to get Apple Users using a security breach

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A recent news tells that a group of Hackers, who are named as AntiSec managed to get into a FBI Laptop computer. Hackers, who got access through a security breach on FBI computer, found something... more

Security Breach on iCloud made a Hacker to Wipe all Data

iCloud Hacked Security breach

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Recent news says that there is a serious security breach on Apple's iCloud which make an Apple user to backup his files on web. A hacker managed to get into an iCloud account and was able to wipe out... more

Check if your Yahoo Account is Hacked [Recent Attack]

Yahoo Hacked. Check if your yahoo account is hacked

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Yahoo, an internet giant was supposed to be hacked more than 450,000 accounts were compromised during the attack. Yahoo asks the customers to check whether their account has been trapped into the... more

How to Choose a Best Antivirus Software for your Computer

Choose a best Antivirus

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Certain things are to be considered while you choose a best antivirus. It is always a must to have your own computer more secure and safe. As the world you face now depends mostly on an electronic... more

5 Sites to Browse Web Anonymously : Unblock the Blocked Sites

ZendProxy lets you to browse web anonymously

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Internet browsing is one of the most major activity carried out for gaining knowledge, doing works, earning and also other activities. Sometimes it is always required to change your IP (Internet... more