Service Disruption in GMail and Google Drive

Service Disruption in GMail

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GMail is one of the popular Email service provided to people all around the world. Business people communicate easily through Email service provided by GMail. For few minutes there was a service... more

How To: Restore Left Sidebar on Google Search Results

Restore Left Sidebar on Google Search Results

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Recently, Google has updated the search results page. The left sidebar have been removed and is moved as a navigation to the top. Though some users find easier with this update, some feel that number... more

Google Search Redesigned in a New View : Left Sidebar Removed

Google Search Tools Filter Option New Interface

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Google, which is an internet giant works every day to bring out a better search experience. The most prominent thing in Google is, they update their services regularly just to make their users to... more

Have Custom Name for Google Plus account [How to]

Custom Name for Google Plus

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A shortened URL can be made use for sharing a page on the internet in the reality. Usually, when we share a Facebook profile in reality, it really becomes more safer and easier to share your profile... more

Pre Register for Google Fiber - Faster Internet Connection Ever

Google Fiber Internet Speed

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Google, the internet giant and technology expert is going to introduce Google Fiber. It is nothing but a internet service from Google provided to certain cities at United States of America. The... more

Google Doodle Collection : London 2012 Olympics

Closing Ceremony London 2012 Olympics

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London 2012 Olympics has been started from July 27, 2012 to August 12, 2012. The internet giant, Google has not become idle. It celebrated the London 2012 Olympics by changing it's doodle featuring a... more

Translate Text in Image or Scanned Document [Android]

Snap image in camera

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Google Translate has recently introduced a way to translate text in image. If you find any documents or any image with different or foreign language, you may just use this feature instantly. Optical... more

Make your Google Image Search Better than Ever

John Background Switcher Google Image Search

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The new interface of Google image search has made some users to feel slower experience of searching images. The option to create better search experience can be made with certain tools. Google, which... more

Update: Google Places is Now Google+ Local [For iOS]

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The application which Google provided to iOS used to find places is now renamed to Google+ Local. This name change includes certain features what Google Places provided and also the important one is,... more

Play with Alan Turing Google Doodle - Still Available

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Alan Turing Google Doodle was the most interesting one and became the most popular one for mathematicians, programmers and logic lovers. I have already posted about the working principle of Alan... more