Here's How To Enable Dark Mode on Google Search

Enable dark mode on Google homepage

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Dark mode everywhere! It has become a habit for most people to work late at night. During this pandemic, most of us are working from home and our family is always with us. While technology brings... more

Google+ Shut Down - A Nightmare For Well-Grown Communities

Adios Google+ : Shutting Down

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Social media platforms are the most important part of internet that helps connecting with people around the web. A lot of social media have come up and fallen in a short period of time. This is not a... more

How To Bring Back View Image Button on Google Images

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Google has removed the popular "View Image" button from Google Images search results. This is the most popular and familiar button on Google Image Search Results while doing our homework and... more

How To Switch Back to Old New Tab Page on Chrome

Switch to old new tab page on chrome

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The recent Google Chrome update has integrated its search homepage on new tab page. Google has made the users to search for something very quickly than they do before but the appearance of the new... more

Google Facial Password For Android - Smile, Wrinkle or Make Any Gesture

Google Facial Password

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Password is one of the important thing to be considered for a smartphone user. Android, the top smartphone operating system maker introduced pattern method to unlock the smartphone. The pattern... more

GMail Tabs : Get The New Inbox Style

Gmail tabs

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GMail, email from Google is one of the most popular email service. Most of the providers have now arrived to compete with it. When we didn't hear of GMail, we depended on Yahoo! Mail and also we... more

How Google Celebrates Fools Day April 2013?

Google Analytics Space Station Updates

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Google, the web pioneer celebrates Fools day in a grand manner. Google pranks people just to celebrate this day. This day has really become fun with Google. They usually used to celebrate every event... more

Share 2013 Resolution with World : Google Zeitgeist

2013 resolution Google

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Google, the Internet giant always reaches people in a special manner on special events. Not only special events, they serve better things to people with their variety of products. As an usual change,... more

Google X Phone might replace Apple iPhone

X Phone by Google might replace iPhone

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Google, a web pioneer has acquired Motorola few months ago. Google is well versed with their  Android smartphones manufactured by Samsung and other companies. Smartphone users have grown well with... more

Google Santa Tracker wishes Happy Christmas to your beloved

Google Santa Tracker

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It's festive and holiday season. Google celebrates Christmas in a grand manner. Within four days, people around the world will be celebrating Christmas. Santa clause will be coming with surprise... more