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Save any Image On Cloud That You See On Web

save any image on cloud

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Technology is making the world smaller. The introduction of cloud technology has made our files available anywhere on the web. Today's world is partially depended on cloud storages such as Google... more

Access Adobe Photoshop on Cloud : Enabled for India

Adobe Photoshop on Cloud

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We all might have edited a photo. Most of our wish as a beginner in Photoshop is to move a face to another picture. A computer savvy person should have really wished to become well versed in... more

How To: Host a Website on Dropbox

Host a website on Dropbox Overall steps

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I know a lot of you folks haven”™t heard of Dropbox before. It is one of the most amazing free storage services available online. Dropbox is a cloud storage service where you can save and backup... more

How to: Transfer Files from Google Drive to Dropbox

Drag and Drop Files

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Cloud services are specially used for accessing files from anywhere and anytime. If you didn't like your cloud service provider or in uncertain situations, you may have to move your files from one... more

Security Breach on iCloud made a Hacker to Wipe all Data

iCloud Hacked Security breach

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Recent news says that there is a serious security breach on Apple's iCloud which make an Apple user to backup his files on web. A hacker managed to get into an iCloud account and was able to wipe out... more

How to : Backup your WordPress files to Dropbox

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Every Blogger”˜s work is not only to write posts and keep people up to date about the news or other stuff they provide on their blog. They must also be cautious towards their security of their... more

Send your Files directly to your Dropbox from Internet [Chrome]

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Cloud Services has brought a technology development in file sharing among friends. Recently, cloud services like Google Drive and Dropbox has got popular since its arrival. Though these cloud... more

Start your Torrent Downloads Remotely: Dropbox Tips

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Dropbox has now got familiar to all people over the web due to its own unique services offered. Dropbox offers a free account which can hold files of 2 GB. however, a premium account can hold more... more