Can iPad Pro Replace Laptop? No, Galaxy Note 9 Can. - Here's Why

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 replace laptop

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Are you looking for a tablet that replaces your laptop? Apple has been marketing their new iPad Pro as a replacement for your laptop. The all-new iPad Pro scores a benchmark where it outranks most of... more

iPad Pro Bendgate - Bends and Breaks Easily!

iPad Pro Bendgate

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I was personally using a lot of Apple devices so far, but also respected Android devices. My love towards Apple is degrading day-by-day when I see Apple keeps a high pricing but manufactures... more

Samsung Foldable Screen : Phone + Tablet Convertible

Samsung Foldable Screen Smartphone - Should you buy Galaxy Note 9 or wait

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We can clearly see that Samsung is growing at a faster pace. In the year of 2007, we will be in eager to know what Apple has brought for us, but nowadays all the Apple events are boring and we get to... more

iPad Pro 2018 - Should You Upgrade?

iPad Pro 2018

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The Apple Special Event that was held on October 30, 2018 was a great event for iPad Pro, MacBook Air and Mac Mini users. A lot of refresh on these product line-ups has really surprised everyone.... more

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Price in India : Rs. 21945

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

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Samsung is vigorously working hard to bring out the latest revolution of technology to the people. From mobile, people have now switched to tablets. The mobile manufacturers like Samsung has now... more

Water Resistant Tablet : Sony Xperia Tablet Z

Water Resistant Tablet - Sony Xperia Tablet Z

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Now-a-days, people have started to prefer water resistant mobile phones. Sony already released a water resistant smartphone, Sony Xperia Z which became popular around the world. The one thing that... more

Amazon Kindle Fire HD Starts at $214 in 170+ Countries

Amazon Kindle Fire HD

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We recently heard about the announcement of Amazon Kindle Fire which was released at United States. Though people expected to be released in other countries, the company did not have any plans to... more

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Photos Leaked

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

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Most of us will choose Android for a cheap and best smartphone. Samsung and Android has joined to deliver a good quality smartphones and tablet computers. The Galaxy version of Samsung is really... more

Tablet Computers for Education : HCL MyEdu and HCL Me

Tablet Computer for Education

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Education in India has become more important. Not only in India. Generally, education is always more important in one's life. The skills inside a person is identified only with the help of education.... more

Samsung Galaxy Note II Launched in India for Rs. 39,900

Samsung Galaxy Note II Showcase

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Samsung is much keen on their improvement of smartphones and tablet computers. After the success of Samsung Galaxy Note I in India, Samsung has decided to sell its new Samsung Galaxy Note II in... more