5 Effective Ways to Minimize Typo Errors on Blog Post

Minimize Mistakes on Blog post

8 years ago   7 comments

Bloggers do mistakes while writing a post but those mistakes can be minimized by following certain methods. Mistakes on a blog post doesn't look fair and professional. Those mistakes would really... more

How To: Move Domain From a GoDaddy Account to Another GoDaddy Account

Quick Accept GoDaddy Domain

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Bloggers and web owners have been increasing these days. Most of the domain providers are providing top level domains at cheaper rates. They even provide coupon codes to buy a top level domain at... more

5 Common WordPress Errors with Solutions

WordPress Errors with Solutions

8 years ago   2 comments

WordPress have become an important and popular platform for blogs and websites. Most of the top websites are now powered by WordPress. Not for they are secure but also the customization is much... more

10+ Ways to Get Inspired in Blogging

Ways to get inspired by blogging

8 years ago   8 comments

Blogging is a way to share ideas of a blogger to people around the world. Even, Internet functions just because of bloggers. Bloggers share information or ideas to people on the web. Can you imagine... more

Access Adobe Photoshop on Cloud : Enabled for India

Adobe Photoshop on Cloud

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We all might have edited a photo. Most of our wish as a beginner in Photoshop is to move a face to another picture. A computer savvy person should have really wished to become well versed in... more

3 Ways to Find WordPress Plugin used by a Blog

Google Plugin used by a WordPress blog

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A WordPress blog might require a number of plugins for adding additional functionality to the blog. A blog which was used as a personal diary is now made commercial. In the competitive world of... more

10 Best Active Forums for Programmers

Best Active Forums for Programmers and Developers

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Once when a person start to learn about computers, he or she may be interested in designing or programming. Most of the computer experts are developers or programmers. When we see some people finding... more

SkillPages: Exhibit your skills; Become Experienced

SkillPages Find Skilled People

9 years ago   4 comments

We started with internet in creating E-mail Ids. Those were initially our address over the Internet. We sent and received letters through the Internet as E-mail. The E-mail service providers... more

How to: Create Effective Presentations - 10 Powerful Tips

Create Effective Presentation - Powerpoint

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Creating multimedia presentations for business and education can make audience to help better understand about the idea or concept of something which is presented. Most of us might have presented... more

Draw and Execute Flowchart : Generate Codes [Raptor]

Generate C++ C Java Flowchart

9 years ago   2 comments

Flowchart is an easy way to understand a problem. A step by step procedure to solve a particular problem can easily be described using a flowchart. While writing a computer program, drawing a... more