Blur Content Behind Div on Scroll With CSS Like iOS [How To]

Blur Content Behind Div on Scroll with CSS

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If you have used Safari on iOS or macOS, you might have noticed when you scroll a website, the content of the website is blurred. In the recent update of Windows 10, the Settings app also appear... more

Mac-like Swipe Back and Forward Touchpad on Browser for Windows

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If you have come from a Macintosh, you should have been really used the two-finger swipe back and forwards in web browser. After switching to a Windows PC, it is a hard thing to easily navigate... more

How To: Picture-in-Picture For Firefox Quantum

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There has been always a competition between all the browsers to perform better. If a browser serves web page faster, there seems to consume more memory, whereas, if it consumes less memory, the rate... more

5 Cool Changes to Make Facebook Stylish

Rounded chat corners on Facebook

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'Facebook Addict' is the name earned by me since I joined Facebook on 2009. Before I joined Facebook, I was an Orkut freak. I am not a normal user on Orkut but little aggressive there as I was... more

How to: Download any Flash Videos from any Website [Firefox]

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When we switch to a high speed internet connection, we become more addicted to videos. I was using a dial up connection internet for 5 years. After switching to a faster broadband connection, I loved... more

Firefox has now got Better on Web: JS improvements and faster Internet

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Most of the users recently switched over to a light browser Chrome after Firefox evolved with bugs. Firefox was made slow by JavaScript containers and the algorithm was designed which consumed more... more