Easy Remove Inactive Friends From Google+ Cirlces

Remvoe inactive friends on Google+

7 years ago   2 comments

Google is working hard to bring users from other social networking sites, particularly Facebook to its own social networking site, Google+. The concept followed by Google+ is an unique concept where... more

5 Cool Changes to Make Facebook Stylish

Rounded chat corners on Facebook

7 years ago   5 comments

'Facebook Addict' is the name earned by me since I joined Facebook on 2009. Before I joined Facebook, I was an Orkut freak. I am not a normal user on Orkut but little aggressive there as I was... more

How to: Create Own Google Chrome Themes

Create own Google Chrome Themes

8 years ago   3 comments

Google Chrome has just brought most of the people's attention to it. Users of other browser have just migrated to Google Chrome considering its speed and memory consumption. I have already written a... more

Enable Smooth Scrolling on Google Chrome like Firefox without any Extension

Smooth scrolling on Google Chrome without any extension

8 years ago   1 comment

The smooth scrolling feature which existed in recent versions of Mozilla Firefox attracted most of the Google Chrome users. Statistically, Google Chrome users increased a lot when compared to Firefox... more

Download Google Chrome for your iPhone and iPad

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Google has come forward to introduce their fastest browser Chrome on iPhone and iPad. The browser which was already rated as the most powerful and fastest browser of all is now on iPhone and iPad. It... more

Send your Files directly to your Dropbox from Internet [Chrome]

8 years ago   2 comments

Cloud Services has brought a technology development in file sharing among friends. Recently, cloud services like Google Drive and Dropbox has got popular since its arrival. Though these cloud... more

Top 5 Reasons why Google Chrome became No.1 on Web

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Google Chrome has now been declared as a No. 1 Web browser. After the release of Internet Explorer 9, the number of users topped for Internet Explorer than Google Chrome. Surveys say that recent... more

How to: Remove Friends in Bulk on Facebook - Working 2012 Trick

8 years ago   23 comments

Having less friends makes us to feel lonely but at the same time, if you have more friends, you will be receiving large number of notifications in short span of time. Some people receive many Chat... more