Facebook: How To Turn Off Seen On Messenger [Web]

Turn Off Seen on Messenger Facebook

5 months ago   2 comments

Privacy is an important asset when it comes to social media. There should be a control over your data that you share on the Internet. Despite Facebook, there are several social networking sites that... more

Hack ICC Champions Google Doodle To Get High Score

Hack ICC Champions Google Doodle 2017

8 months ago   2 comments

Google Doodles are the special way for Google to show support for a particular event by changing its logo. Most of the times, Google's logo is a fun. To support ICC Champions Trophy 2017, Google... more

8 Useful Chrome Extensions For Web Developers / Designers

Chrome Extensions for Web Developers

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Web Development is one of the most searched jobs in countries like India. Most of the web projects are very much concentrated in testing and quality assurance than the development. Bug fixes are the... more

You Won’t Switch Back To Chrome After using Edge

Edge Web Note - Won't switch back to chrome

2 years ago   1 comment

Microsoft Edge has got popular in many ways after it came out with Windows 10. I started trying out Edge a couple of week back and the result was astonishingly amazing. Edge was fast both in... more

Access Free Basics on Desktop in Other Mobile Providers [How To]

Free Basics Full

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Free Basics or is a Facebook initiative that aims to bring internet connectivity with basic services to people who has got no access to internet before. Basic services include health,... more

[How To] Scan QR Code While Browsing on Desktop

Scan QR Code while Browsing

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Google Chrome Web Store has a numerous collection of extensions to make the browsing easier. It has been said that Google Chrome is eating a lot of memory and power, but still we want the most... more

Save any Image On Cloud That You See On Web

save any image on cloud

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Technology is making the world smaller. The introduction of cloud technology has made our files available anywhere on the web. Today's world is partially depended on cloud storages such as Google... more

Google/Apple Emoji on Windows : Chrome Extension

chromoji chrome extension to support emoji

3 years ago   2 comments

Emojis have become  much cool after Apple started supporting on their mobile operating system, iOS. Also, the normal emoticons have become out-of-fashion. The smartphone world brings a new set of... more

Delete All Messages on Facebook in Single Click 2014 [How To]

Delete All Messages on Facebook

4 years ago   3 comments

There occurs a situation sometimes when your girlfriend doubts on you and asks your passwords to check your Facebook messages. At this time, you just can't really refuse to give her your password. We... more

6 Cool WebGL Chrome Experiments You Might Wonder About

Face Substitution WebGL Chrome Experiment

4 years ago   1 comment

WebGL applications are quite interesting and makes people wonder about the present web technology development. WebGL is an API for developing interactive 2D and 3D animations within a user's web... more