Yahoo launches it’s new web Browser: Axis


The most renowned browser is now considered to be the Google Chrome. Yahoo has released its own version of Web Browser which is said to search for answers and not links. The browser is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch as a skin for the browser you use on your device. It also comes for desktop computers as an extension for the popular browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Windows Internet Explorer and Apple Safari.

When you install the extension, it displays a search bar in every tab you’ve opened and also displays a start page containing featured articles from web. While visiting any site, you may save it for future reference using the Start icon which will be displayed in the left bottom bar at every site. You may move to homepage any time by clicking the home icon from left bottom bar.

The browser was launched on Wednesday that is on May 23, 2012 was experiencing some bugs and security flaws which was pointed out by a blogger immediately after the launch of the browser on web. Nik Cubrilovic, the blogger who found the security flaw reported the flaw to Yahoo and made a blog post regarding that. Initially, Yahoo did not respond to his report but later, the chrome extension was replaced. According to Nik Cubrilovic, the chrome extension of Yahoo Axis comes with a security key which can be easily replaced by a duplicate one. This may lead to tracking of personal information, browsing history and even passwords by the hackers.

When you search with any queries or keywords using Yahoo Axis, you will get a neat search results which contains thumbnails of the result. A user can scroll like a filmstrip and can easily navigate to his/her preferred site. Some of the screenshots I’ve made through Yahoo Axis browser, just have a look.

The above picture shows the screenshot when I search for cristiano ronaldo in the search bar. The search bar likes tiny and small, looks like sleeping when I browse though websites but when you seach for any queries using them, it rises up to provide search results. You may also open the result in new tab or new window.

The start page of Yahoo axis is the above screenshot. Yahoo has also promised to upgrade their version further to improve the stability and software flexibility. Yahoo has also an idea of combining Bing’s search results and social media websites for sharing.

How is your idea on this browser? Share your comments below.

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