Upgrade to Opera Mini 7 : Applicable to all Basic Model Mobiles

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Opera Mini is the most used mobile browser in almost all basic model mobile phones. Even Nokia provides Opera Mini pre installed to some of the basic model mobile phones. The browser which is most stable and user friendly software has reached almost all parts of the world who use basic mobile handsets. A middle class family or upper class family may use a smartphone but most of the countries are also comprised of people who don't spend much on mobile phone and stay on basic model phones. Opera Mini has brought a newer version of its browser for those people.

Usually, Opera Mini uses a technology called Data Crunching which makes the web page's load to get reduced and display a lighter version of the site. This not only comprise lesser data usage on mobile phone but also doesn't allow the mobile phone to freeze due to overload of the application.

The latest version of the browser contains a smart page and a speed dial page. Earlier there was only a speed dial page. But now, the homepage comprises tabs where users can switch to Home, a new smart page and Speed dial, a older one but with improvements. The Smart Home page comprises a Mobile Store and a thumbnail "Follow Opera", when you click on it, it takes you to the Facebook Fan page of opera where you may like them to receive updates from Opera Mini. A filmstrip of sites which you often visit is seen in the smart homepage. This may help you to navigate to your frequently visited websites.
Social Networking is the most important and major activity carried out in mobile phones. Not all, but youngsters and Facebook addicted people may use social networking to the most. The smart home page gives facility to display recent Twitter tweets and Facebook News feeds. You may just sign in and allow the application "Opera Mini". The six most recent updates will be seen on home page. This allows you to do Facebook without even going to the site. This feature will be helpful in making the data usage to get reduced.


Apart from Social netwroking and frequently visited web pages, Opera Mini 7 provides a smart home page which displays regular news updates from selected sites and chosen category.

The browser has made faster than ever and the loading of web pages has been improved in the newer version. The other features in the browser are untouched and looks like previous version of Opera Mini browser. The smart homepage and the browser speed matters a lot in this newer version of Opera Mini.

You may download the Opera Mini 7 for free from m.opera.com. Available for all Blackberry, Symbian and Java phones. How do you feel about this update? Do you like this? Share your thoughts here in comments.

Share this article with your friends and peers...

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