Update Java for Vulnerability Fix [Strongly Recommended]

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Java, from Oracle is found everywhere. From your DVD players to car, Java plays a vital role in this tech life. Recent update that was released by Java had a major security flaw where hackers were able to steal identity information of the users. United States and other countries strongly recommended the people to disable Java on their web browser.  The bugs which were found on the Java update were being exploited by the hackers and security experts. As a result, password, credit card information, internet banking details can be stolen from a PC which have the update installed. Now, Java has fixed the major vulnerability that occurred recently. Download the update from Java for vulnerability fix.

People are supposed to turn off or disable their Java on their web browsers. Most of the modern browsers usually prompt the users while Java wants to run on your browser. For example, you might have seen a Java prompt when you want to download a YouTube video from an online vendor. Such prompts might save some users, whereas some users might have selected "Always run Java". This will really harm people's computer.

Update Java to fix vulnerability

Statistics says that more than 50% of the security attacks were made through Java but people on other hand should use Java for various purpose as no other go. Computers running Windows and Mac OS have become the victim for the hackers. Apple computers were not affected to the most because Apple disabled most of the users' Java remotely.

A new update is announced by Java now. This update is supposed to fix the vulnerability issues that was found in the previous update. Oracle strongly recommends people to update Java for fixing this vulnerability breach.

Download the latest update from Java to fix the vulnerability caused by previous update. Java 7 Update 11 seems to fix the serious security flaw pointed out by United States Department of Homeland Security.

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