Easy Remove Inactive Friends From Google+ Cirlces


Google is working hard to bring users from other social networking sites, particularly Facebook to its own social networking site, Google+. The concept followed by Google+ is an unique concept where no one has ever tried such a concept of having circles in their social networking site. When there exist an awesomeness, there is always some limit. Google+ allows you to have only 5,000 people in your circle. It doesn’t allow any people to be added in your circle exceeding this count. But, there is a way to remove inactive friends from Google+ circle with a simple Google Chrome extension.

The chrome extension was not working perfectly before the recent update. After the recent update it is said that the extension is working fine. This chrome extension is not tested by us.

In daily life, we add lot of friends. We meet new people in the real life. Some may be important to us either in professional life or personal life. In today’s modern world, we meet lot of professional and personal friends in Facebook and Google+. The new social networking site which emerged out last year went viral among the Google users. Even people from Facebook joined Google+ and became addicted to it. Connecting with people on Google+ is pretty much simple and easier than other social networking sites like Facebook.

Google+ provided a concept of both Twitter and Facebook. Due to enthusiasm and other effects, we might have added more people in our circle where people we added might not have added back us to their circle or we might have added inactive people.

Your Google+ profile is considered to be a polluted one when your profile contains lot of inactive friends. What is the use of connecting with those fake profiles or people who don’t use Google Plus? It is better to remove them from our circles.

Removing people manually looks more tedious. A developer developing extensions for Google Chrome has developed an extension which made Google+ users to remove all inactive friends from their circle. You may download the chrome extension from the Chrome web store.

Chrome extension – Circloscope Free (Inactives+): Download

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