How To: Picture-in-Picture For Firefox Quantum

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There has been always a competition between all the browsers to perform better. If a browser serves web page faster, there seems to consume more memory, whereas, if it consumes less memory, the rate at which the browsers serves the web page gets slower. And also, if your browser is enabled with add-ons, it affects the performance of the browser directly. With all these factors in the mind, Mozilla had developed a browser that consumes very less amount of memory and also performs better but Firefox's old add-ons did not work for the new Firefox Quantum. Thus, Picture-in-Picture was not possible on the browser. However, Mozilla has brought several experimental features that can be tested on Firefox Quantum. It's called Firefox Test Pilot. Min Vid, one of the experiments from Firefox Test Pilot enables users to enable Picture-in-Picture for supported medias over web.

picture-in-picture for firefox quantum

Min Vid is an advanced Picture-in-Picture as a browser add-on which is now experimented at Mozilla. Instead of providing a feature to only enable Picture-in-Picture, it has several other features that you will be impressed with.


The add-on not only enables you to play videos from web, but also has a feature so that you can listen to audio by hiding the video player. You can drag across any part of the screen and it will float on top of all your applications.

Min Vid also supports MP3 so that you can listen to music from SoundCloud and have it controlled while you are writing a document on a word processor, or while working with spreadsheet.

Do you know what's interesting part with Min Vid?

You can add several music and video to the Min Vid queue and play it in Picture-in-Picture mode while you do some other work. It works great and provides you controls to the media being played. Do not worry about the tabs. Just close the SoundCloud or YouTube after adding to Min Vid's queue and the player will automatically play. This helps the Firefox to consume less memory.

You can enable Picture-in-Picture for Firefox Quantum by visiting here.

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