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Emojis have become  much cool after Apple started supporting on their mobile operating system, iOS. Also, the normal emoticons have become out-of-fashion. The smartphone world brings a new set of characters to the world. Today's Facebook app and WhatsApp do have emojis instead of the normal emoticons which we always use on a desktop site of Facebook. While Facebook mobile app support supports emoji, why not the desktop site? Some of the emojis on your desktop site does not appear properly if any of your friend sends an emoji from mobile. However, Facebook has a separate functionality to show up some of the emojis on desktop site as well. I would like to share a Chrome Extension to support Emoji on Windows.

Chromoji - a great but not popularly used chrome extension allows your Chrome for Windows to read the Emoji characters. Google and Apple has their own unique emoji styles. This extension supports both.

chromoji chrome extension to support emoji on windows


You might be surprised why certain characters are not supported on your browser while it actually works on your friend's browser. If you are in dilemma about the emoji, then you may check the characters in the Wikipedia article about Emoji. We have provided link below this article.

After installing the Chromoji, you should be able to see most of the characters on the Wikipedia article than you were able to see before the installation of Chromoji.

As a bonus, we would like to share another Google Chrome extension that lets you to post emoji on Facebook desktop site. At this time, only Facebook mobile apps are able to post emoji characters. To experience the same on desktop site, you may read our previous article about inserting emoji on Facebook. With this trick you can post emoji on posts, comments and even use while chatting with friends.

Chromoji lets your Chrome browser to replace unknown square characters with appropriate emoji characters.

Chromoji is only available on Google Chrome and we have tested this extension on it. We will soon find an alternative for web browsers other than Google Chrome to support emoji.

If you have any comments, please share with us below. We are here to make social media more simple. If you have any complexity in social media experience, contact us to get a solution. We are learners, and we'll provide your appropriate tricks to simplify your social media activity.

Update (20th june 2015): Chromoji extension has been removed by the extension author. We will update an alternative soon.

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    Hello i would need emoji stickers for my desktop and facebook.