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7 Most Trusted Websites to Earn Money Online

Online earning is one of the latest trend to earn lot of money right from your home. Technology has brought it to people. This made  most of the unemployed people to get employed. Youngsters who have completed their schooling will have certain period gap between schooling and university studies for enjoying the vacation. They may use their vacation with a good and profitable manner. I have listed below the profitable and more trusted sites which could be used to earn lot of money from them by working. The delivery of your money may change according to the site you work with. Most of the sites uses Paypal or check for payment.

Students having skills may shine in online earning. Most of the trusted sites give rewards only for talents. But still, any person can earn more money if he is curious in his work. I would like to rank Google Adsense as the first one in this top site for earning online as it is more trusted than any other site.

Google Adsense:

The best way to earn money is by running a website and putting Google Ads in it. A big company which can be trusted more. If the child have best writing skills, then he may run a blog, publishing the things what he know or the stuff he learns. Buying a website has become more affordable to everyone. Websites are available at cheaper rates and it can be used to earn lot of money from Google. A better knowledge in SEO and web development is required but a best blogger is certified only through his writing skills. The earned money will be delivered to you via check directly to your house address.
When you run a site, your site will not only be eligible to Google Ads, but also if your blog or website becomes popular in future, you may receive more advertisers and sponsors to your site through contact. You may also earn from them. Blogs can also be bought for free. Blogger from Google offers a free service to start a blog.

Amazon Mechanical Turk:

Amazon.com provides users an opportunity to earn money by doing people’s work. People who want to finish their work will submit here by fixing a rate for that work. When you complete it, you will be rewarded with certain amount. A few part of the work rate will be taken by Amazon as a commission. Most of the works will be like completing stuffs in online mode. Example, typing given paragraph within some time. When you have reached a certain amount, you may withdraw your money. The mode of payment will be check and it is delivered to your house address.

Not only Mechanical Turn, Amazon.com provides lot of services to earn money online. You may get lot of details here:


ClickBank is moreover like Amazon’s Mechanical Turk but it pays lot of money than Mechanical Turk. ClickBank is a fully Affiliate marketing service where you must promote their products. Each work pays different amount. If the work need more knowledge or the difficulty level of the work is more, then affiliates will pay you more. However, a certain amount of commission will get deducted from your earnings. The product can be promoted in many ways. Using social websites, Email marketing or by website reference. ClickBank will generate a short URL of the affiliate which you can use them for promoting. When people refer using your link, you will earn money. The mode of payment will be through check. ClickBank pays people since 1998.



The cheap and easiest way to earn money is using the  site Fiverr.com.  Here, your work is often referred to a gig. You may do whatever the work you like. For example, if you are interested in painting, then you may just create a gig like “I will paint your picture for $5” and when people order from you, get the details from them. Here, you will be requiring a picture from the buyer. So, get the picture and complete the work within the delivery time you’ve specified. When you’ve completed painting, you may just submit it as a scanned image to the buyer. Remember, buyer may write a review after they purchase from you. When you deliver a best one, your gig will be reviewed as a good one and it may welcome more buyers to buy your gig. The payment will be delivered to you via Paypal account. For each gig you complete, you’ll be earning $5 where you’ll be getting $4 in your hand and remaining $1 will be taken by Fiverr as a commission.


A safer way of earning money through online is by ScriptLance. If the child is more interested in programming or have a good knowledge in programming then he/she can earn money thorugh ScriptLance. It apys more for well talented. A good and well programmer can earn thousands of dollars. You may find a project which fits according to your needs and solve them with your knowledge. Each project will be fixed at a rate to be earned. The payment will be made via Paypal. The prople who submitted the project will pay you.


The simple and easiest way to earn online is via NeoBux. The only work for you is to browse their advertiser’s website. NeoBux will pay you for the sites you visit. The earnings you make will be paid to you through Paypal, Payza or Netteller. NeoBux, a Paid-to-Click service also welcomes advertisers.


Readbud is a service where you’ll get paid for reading the articles. You may choose your own interest to read and make money by reading them. You’ll not only gain knowledge but also money with it. Readbud pays you through PayPal.

Update: We recently noticed that Readbud isn’t on web anymore. It redirects to some other page than the original page which was present before. We would like to suggest you another trusted website to earn money online.


You can do any freelancer jobs at freelancer.com and earn handful of money online. You may do whatever the job you are interested in. The person who wants to complete his/her work might hire you to do the job. All you need is to describe yourself about how much skills you have. Depending upon your skills and experience, people might hire you. Your reputation will also increase day by day when you complete orders. People who want their work to be completed will search depending on the category and skills. When your reputation is really high, you can get a lot of people hiring you for the job.

Freelancer jobs online

The more harder you work, the more money you’ll gain. When any site pay you less, don’t give up. Try harder to make more output of your work. If you like any other websites to earn money online, you may just comment below.

  • http://techydevil.com Bharadwaj Giridhar

    Dude u really got 306 $? !

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      No! That was just an example picture taken from web.

      • ankush kapoor

        arjun can you pls tell me the site through which i can earn …
        and which site u r using to earn ???

        • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

          You can use any site mentioned here. If you have a blog or site, you can use Google Adsense. Or, if you can work for $5, you may go for Fiverr. If you want to become like a marketer, you can go for Clickbank. I have not used Clickbank here. But recently, I saw someone getting paid high by Click bank. If you are good at affiliate marketing, always go for Clickbank.

          • deepak

            dude i need to know how can i earn money…online…

          • http://sksreader.wordpress.com satish

            hi Arjun,

            I want to earn money by blogging . so i made my website
            above mention but its not my own website . please told me it is necessary to buy paid domain name. and how can I improve my website and start to earn money.

          • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

            Paid domains like .com, .org or country-based domain will make you visible in search engines more than you do with a free domain. Yes, if you get a paid domain and post quality posts, you can earn!

          • Jitender

            Can you please tell me that how can i earn using Google Adsense Please describe or mail me please I am waiting.

          • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

            Hi Jitender, check out this article regarding Google AdSense.

      • sid

        ARJUN sir, i am a student. stays in united arab emirates is google adsense website can really be trusted? will i get my cheque at my doorstep? please reply.

        • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

          Hi Sid, Google AdSense can be trusted and is authentic. Yes you will receive cheque at your doorstep provided your payment method is cheque. Google has already changed the payment method to Wire Transfer for many countries.

      • Hashim

        Is Cashwego.com trustful..??

    • Muhsin

      I tried many . . And still trying, and didn’t yet get success . . :)wth

      • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

        You can surely get success by using any of the above sites but we need to work hard.

  • Kashif Minhaj

    At first i thought that Adsense was an only trusted way to earn online. But after reading this awesome post, i have got lots of websites where i can earn.
    Thank u very much for this helpful post!!!!!

    • Ankit

      kashif bhai i need trusted web site to earn money plz mail me some trusted web sites on my id thanku

      • ashok

        which is the trusted online or offline job site plz help me.

        • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

          Hi Ashok, both jobs are trusted but as there are lot of scams prevailing in online jobs, it is something harder to trust online jobs. It is not in the case of offline jobs, You approach the company personally to get yourself hired. When you go personally, you will be knowing more about the company from people around. That is not in the case of online job. You sit alone at home, find some sites on Google and you sign up there blindly. So, we need to be careful while selecting online sites for making money.

    • vibin

      kindly send the correct websites for part time jobs

      • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

        The above mentioned sites can be used for part time jobs.

    • hamza bhatti

      plz sir i want to be your friend because im very much upset about the frauds on online earning.

      • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

        Please contact us via out contact page.

    • Krishna B

      What r those trusted websites?

      • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

        We have just mentioned above!

  • Badhri

    great…….but what about buy sell ads….

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      BuySellAds is also a trusted one for placing advertisements on websites but the thing is, it requires a website with good Page rank and traffic for getting advertisers. :)

  • http://www.scriptsnippets.com Sathesh Bm

    Never heard of them before good one !

  • Gerald fogg

    Guys r u sure about this? U know i’m african and i believe by seeing. Hope it ain’t modern scamming..

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Yes, we are sure. The above listed sites are trusted and we have seen friends who received checks and payments from these sites.

    • Marina Parry

      Just to let you know freelancer is like OLX or gumtree but for odd jobs, you have to complete your profile though..but even if you need project work done and you just rather want to party – use freelancer it works!


  • http://www.silent2.wapka.mobi Fokrul18

    Please help me.can i get google adsence in my silent2.wapka.mobi website

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      The site looks like a mobile site. See more details here:

  • Dev D

    Hey dude! How can i earn online money by this site ?can u teach me?

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Every site offers work in different way. Choice is yours. If you want to land on Fiverr. Then, you can do any desired work to people online. In return, they’ll pay you. if your service is good, then they will write a good review. Reviews can get you more customers.

      • ajay

        which one good site for earn money in quick time

        • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

          Every online job is quite difficult initially but you can earn a lot of money once you are equipped with reputation and experience.

  • http://anexcitingstuff.blogspot.com Kumaran Baskar

    nice post. i would like to try neobux.

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Thanks mate! And, I wish you a great success in earning online!

    • Sravan Kumar

      Hai, Don’t go for neobux. It’s nothing but trash. I have upgraded my account to premium by paying $90. and started buying referrals (100 referrals for $20/month). I bought upto 500 referrals and stopped renewing them as they (rented referrals) were not clicking as required and the revenue was far below than expenditure. Finally, I gave up all referrals and was left with 0 rented referrals. Only about a fortnight ago I purchased 100 referrals again. They are doing better than past but it’s not sufficient. That’s why I advice you against trying neobux. It’s not an easy game to play.

      • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

        Yes, Agreed with it. Neobux pays less. Though we upgrade the account to premium, earnings increase as slow as snail. Thanks for sharing your views, Sravan.

  • azam

    is it(neobux)valid in pakistan

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Yes, Neobux exists in Pakistan but we don’t know whether it is legal to earn on Neobux in Pakistan. Just consult related authorities or even Neobux’s customer support.

      • C BHASKAR

        hai, I am new to online earning. I lossed Rs70,000 by putting in Club-asteria. Please help me in getting real income through online and send the genuine sit list which will pay the income really. If possible please give your contact no or email

        • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

          Sad that you have lost such a huge amount. Please be cautious on choosing a site for online earning. Most of the people are earning highly with Google Adsense by setting up a website /blog.


        hey m DEEP, i also wanna work online and earn money, whats the procedure,

        • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

          Hi Deep, you can use any of the sites above to earn money online. All sites have different procedure.

      • jitendra parida

        hiii arjun
        i am jitendra &i wan2 earn just rs100 to 200/ per day which site should i use& prior to it must be trusted,,plz am waiting……………..

        • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

          Hi Jitendra, go for Fiverr and make yourself popular. One order gets you $4. More orders, more money. Keep that in mind. All the best!

    • SH4405750


    • Prakash

      Yes neobux is valid in pakistan ,as well i passed few months journey in Neobux so far so good :)

      • Prateek

        I tried neobux.com, but who will click 1000 times to earn just $1. It is not really the thing which em looking for. others may try. Anyone having any other Idea to get a bit fast money?

        • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

          Hi Prateek, your thought is quite normal but people who are earning through Neobux are following some marketing strategies to get most out of it.

      • neelam

        does neobux really pay….and is it necessry to have a paypal accnt…..is it a trusted websites

        • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

          Yes. Neobux is trusted and PayPal is a must to get paid.

  • susu

    Hi, what about Neodollar is it trusted or scam ?

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Hey Susu,
      According to PTC Investigation and other sites, NeoDollar is said to be a scam site. Better, you can avoid them.

  • susu

    Thanks, can you help me how can I use the Google AdSense ?

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      You may need a Blog for getting approved in Adsense.
      Also, there are some requirements for getting approved on Adsense. Just have a look here: https://support.google.com/adsense/bin/topic.py?topic=1319756

      • imran

        hi Arjun, Kindly tell me an easier way to make a blog online or a website ?

        • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

          I would say that nothing is easier to earn money online but if you become an expert on it, you will find the job easier and your earnings or income will be high.

          You can use blogger.com to create a blog and purchase a .com domain at GoDaddy at cheaper price using coupon codes. I would suggest you to buy a .com domain because it is friendly with Google than a normal somename.blogspot.com sub domain. The site popularity depends on your write up and how far you share with people. When it gets popular, just sign up for AdSense. It will take some days for approval usually. After approval, you can start earning.

          P.S.: If you are earning by a blog or website, don’t always concentrate on ways to earn money through it but concentrate on your write up or content, you’ll automatically earn. When your site has got a decent rank, other webmasters and marketers will contact you in order to advertise on your blog or site.

      • alok

        Hii Arjun …hows u..n r u from india. I want some information money making websites which is more trustworthy and also i am eager to know which website u most prefer for earning and do u have an facebook acount because i want to join u and i can maintain regular touch and contact with u..!! Unfortunately i am computer engineer just passed out in 2013 and also looking for job and i am wellknown and good aware of an internet and that type of many sites but i didnt received any amount from that type of sites. so please help me.. and i am very keen to keep friendship with u Thank U Arjun………………!!

        • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

          Hi Alok, you can contact me on twitter. @arjunrr

      • aman gupta

        i think u r very ….. experienced in making money ?? how much money u earn online ?/

      • Ajay

        Hii Arjun is this sites are trusted.and is their necessary that we should be only American to get paid I mean can they send salery in India

        • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

          NO. Indians can earn with these sites too. Good News! 😉 Happy Online Earning!

  • Qaiser

    Boss tel me abut any referal link share earnig site dats is not scam

  • Mohammad Aqeel Alvi

    I need a website where I can earn, but all the websites are requiring advance payment I am jobless and I can’t afford to pay advance payment.
    My question is does any website is available? who appoint me as employee and I do work for that website and they pay me weekly or monthly salary

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Hi Mohammed Aqeel Alvi, you can get salary but only by showing an experience to someone who have websites. Go as a writer. You can earn a lot. Initially, you may get bored but when you continue, your writing skills will improve and you will be a step ahead of others. All the best!

  • ashish

    hey arjun i need ur suggestion regarding online money…..i have yet another site for earning money online. i am giving you the link http://india.worldwidejobs.com/found/?c1=CD8776&uniq=1e74fe83ca18d6bda93d73f39cd61018. Can u plz check it out whether this ia a scam or i can trust this site.plz reply me soon.

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Hi Ashish, I am not sure that the site is real or scam. As it is not an international site, it doesn’t have more details about the safety. People have not filed about any such issues. But, be careful in using it. I am not sure about them.

  • http://www.computinga2z.blogspot.com manik

    good tutorial for freelancer.

  • azar

    sir , i am student i have no paypal account how to get money by check

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Azar, only Google Adsense provides a way to get check. But most of such website uses PayPal to deliver the earnings as it becomes easy to transfer money from one country to another. You may use your parent’s account for PayPal account.

  • usama

    arjun sir , i wanna ask that em a student nd dnt hve my own paypal then how can i recieve money from sites …??? and i wanna ask that em pakistani nd in [paypal sign up there isn’t pakistan name in list of all countries ….?? then hw can i make pay pal acc ..!! ans me soon sir ….

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Usama, As you said, Paypal is not available in Pakistan. You may have to depend on sites which have alternative payment method. Paypal doesn’t gives a proper reason for blocking Pakistan but some of the blogs could guess some reasons for Paypal to block Pakistan.

  • usama

    sir , can u give me link of that sites which dont use paypal acc 4 transfering Of mOnEy ……nD JuSt tRaNfEr mOnEy dIrECtLy tO BaNk Acc …….!!! AnS Me sOOn sIr :)

  • Sadha

    Hey Guy’s Readbud is Fully scam .

    • Md Faizan

      how do u know that?
      Can u suggest the better once.

      • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

        These sites are written by consulting from people who got money from these sites. Also, I use 3 out of this 7 sites. Google Adsense and Fiverr is best up to me.

  • saud khan

    Hello! thanks for sharing these sites but i wonder why didnt u talk about clixsense. It is also the most trusted and reputted site specially for beginners. its very easy to work on this site. u have to just click on adds and complete some easy tasks. u can order ur check at your home address after earning $ 10. I think every beginner should start from here. here is the link for this site:



    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Saud, Thanks for sharing your views. We are now testing Clixsense for trust.

    • shailendra

      hi Mr. Saud Khan will u please tell me how to work on clixsense as i have done signin but not able to found how to start i am an unemployed so please help me

  • navdeep

    Hi Arjun,

    Please tell me way to earn from banners sites.

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      If you are talking about sites which contains Banner ads, then you may find any site from Google and contact the webmaster for advertising. But here in this case, you are asking for earning. So, if you have any site/ blog, you may apply for BuySellAds (BSA) for earning money with banners on your site.

  • balaji naidu

    i am register google adsense & reply to this message
    Thank you for your interest in Google AdSense. After reviewing your
    application, our specialists have found that it does not meet our program
    criteria. Therefore, we are unable to accept you into our program.

    We have certain policies in place that we believe will help ensure the
    effectiveness of Google ads for our publishers as well as for our
    advertisers. We review all publishers, and we reserve the right to decline
    any application. As we grow, we may find that we are able to expand our
    program to more web publishers with a wider variety of web content.

    Please note that we may not be able to respond to inquiries regarding the
    specific reasons for our decision. Thank you for your understanding.


    The Google AdSense Team

    why are not recognize to my request

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Before signing up to Adsense, please see that your site and information you provided during signing up meets Google Adsense’s policy. If it does not, your request will be rejected. It does not mean that once it is disapproved, you can’t apply again. Google will approve your Adsense participation once your site meets all the criteria they ask. Basically, a site should be at least 6 months old and the content of the site must be genuine.
      Read the Eligibility criteria to participate in Adsense: https://support.google.com/adsense/bin/topic.py?topic=1319756

  • navdeep

    Hi Arjun,

    I am referring to trusted sites to earn online. Can you suggest some trusted sited as there are so many sites online.

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Having a blog and applying for Adsense program is the best and that is why I have prioritized first in this article. If you cannot get a blog, you can go for Fiverr.

  • Brajesh Kedia

    Dear Sir,
    I am a 14 year student from India..wants to earn money online actually i am not getting any trust worthy websites to earn money online and if i am getting(rare),my age creates problem…I am a 14 year guy wants to earn money online..PLEASE HELP ME
    SIR,if possible please tell me about the THE websites which do no require to invest money and we can easily start working and can earn a good amount…Thanks a lot…

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Usually, you will become a major at 18. You can use Fiverr if you want to earn without any investment but you will need a PayPal account to receive earnings. Fortunately, you need a bank account to start a PayPal account. You may use your parent’s account for creating a PayPal account.

      Most of the back provides account for children. You may have a bank account with that plan and can earn using Fiverr. Earn with your skill on Fiverr.

  • yasmeen khan

    hy can u tel me the website 4 neobux n how can i registr my self?? N is it scam??

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Neobux is not a scam. Signing up at Neobux.com is as usual as normal sign up.

    • umair

      Hi how to earn online ..can any 1 help me I m from pakistan

  • shams

    Hello Arjun, please provide links for above websites…. how to sign up?

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      All sites mentioned above will appear first on Google Search Results page when you search and they are popular as well. :)

  • balaji naidu

    http://www.mturk.com is real or fake website please tell me

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      It’s a real and genuine website from Amazon. you can trust it!

  • varghese

    i have been searching for an online job since i got internet connection,but i did not find anyone,since i here found a real and legit one. Thanks.

  • Venkat

    what about below site Arjun?


    Thanks in advance.

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      We were not able to find whether it is trusted or not. We don’t find users in our friend list using this site to earn.

  • deepak

    india.worldwidejobs.com is real or not they are demanding money at the time of registration?

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      We are not able to find whether it is trusted or not.

  • dhiraj

    hi guys, this is genuine or not pl do some needful

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      These are genuine and you can trust them, Dhiraj.

  • aswin

    Got surprised while I saw Your Adsense picture :-)

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      LOL! When I wrote this post, my Adsense was not approved. So, I depended a random picture on web. BTW, This is not mine! You have really over estimated me. #FeelingHappy 😛

  • Arivu

    Hey arjun
    I”ve google adsense acc but I dnt have any idea to make ad plz help me ?


    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Hi Arivu,

      Once you log in into Adsense, you will find My Ads tab in the dashboard. Just hit on it and choose “New ad unit”. Depending upon the size available on your site/blog, you may create an ad unit. Once, you have created, you will get a ad. Just copy and paste it on your website’s source.

  • Jithin Johny George

    Can you suggest me some alternatives for google adsense , which will be suitable for a site with a bellow average traffic ?

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Out of all, Adsense pays more than any other but still, there are Adsense alternatives which people suggest. Chitika, Infolinks, Kontera and Technorati Media can be the best alternatives for Adsense. If you are receiving more traffic from US / UK, then Technorati Media can be used.

  • Md Faizan

    hai, arjun
    I am a graduation student having financial problem ,can u give me the advice to make money online ,i dont have a site or any blog .please help me to get some money to complete my education.
    The reliable site with i can work and get payment quickly .
    Is there any “Indian Site” for me or suggest me the mort reliable international site .
    Please i am very serious

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Most of the Indian sites don’t pay much. You can depend on international sites. If you are good at online marketing, you can go for Clickbank. They pay well for their work. Though I have not mentioned here about this site, I could see some people who receive periodic payments from Clickbank. They are genuine.

  • vipul

    i want to start earn money.i m biginer.
    pls show me simple path how can i do it?

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      If you are a beginner, start with Fiverr. You can earn easily with it by using your skills. But see that you make your gig popular. All the best!

  • balaji naidu

    arjun pls suggest to alternative website for neobux

  • Mohit

    hi Arjun…..i m very good in writing poems and articles. Is there any way for me for online earning.
    2nd qstn …. what is blog.

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      A blog is mainly used as a personal diary. Eventually, this has become commercial and so people started to write articles on their own interest and started to earn money. If you have such skills, you can write more poems and articles on blogs. You can make use of Blogspot for writing such stuffs. Share your articles on social sites and allow it to grow slowly. Then apply for Adsense. You can earn from it.

  • Mohit

    where can i get my own blogspot…. or how to make it

  • Robin

    hey bro, what about this site PROFITIFIED.COM….

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      After a research on this site, Profitified looks like a scam site. Better, you may avoid this site. Try any other.

  • balaji naidu

    hi arjun pls suggest to similiar website for neobux pls reply me

  • pravesh

    how to add a blog url in google adsence some tell me that

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      You want to add your URL in Google Adsense while creating or you want to add ownership of your domain on Google Adsense? The sign up form will ask you for site URL. If you want to add your domain and verify ownership, then you may head to Adsense dashboard and go to Account Settings. Click on Edit on Site Management. You can add your website URL there.

  • Sameer

    please suggest me any site, from where i can earn money by reffering url.

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Clickbank. :)

  • Ravi

    Sir i want to start a web site .which is the best mobile site or pc site pls help.and if i have 1 lakh page views per month how much can i get from google adsens.pls replay me.pls

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      That’s good Ravi. Your earnings from Adsense depends on location and type of your ads too. If you receive 1 lakh page views per month, you can earn around $150 per month. When your site grows, you can increase your earnings from other means too like “Sponsored Story” and “Sponsored Ads” etc.

      • Ravi

        Thank u so much .1 more help please.i want to design a site like telugump3.org .which hosting is the best.

        • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

          Sorry, that link is not working here. If it is a PHP site, you may go for Hostgator. It is the best of all. Use the below coupon code for 25% discount on total bill:

  • Saman

    Thank you very muh for your great article. I was looking for a trusted website to earn online money, but didn’t go further beacuse the fear of scams. However I can trust on your article becuase of the preofessional manner you did it. Thanks again for that. However I had a confusion about those cheques and I thought they are not genuine and it will be a problem to me in the future. It seems I was wrong. Do the bank accept those cheques…? I am very grateful if you give me a reply.

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Yes. Banks do accept those checks. If we take Google Adsense in our hand, they send us check after reaching $100. The check of Google Adsense will be a CitiBank check and when you give that check to your bank for the processing, the check will be considered as a foreign check. Your check amount will be credited to your account after 10 or 15 days depending upon the bank. They need to send to Citibank for the verification.

  • http://succeedindia.com sreenivas.n

    what abt this site is it true what they have said in succeedindia.com. that .can we purchase what they have mentioned there

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Hi Sreenivas,
      No. Do not trust such sites. We cannot judge these sites. Go for big companies where the world trusts more. though they have shown some proofs, it is better to stay with big companies like Fiverr and other sites mentioned here.

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Think twice if they are asking for money before you can earn.

      • Goldy

        hellooo sir can u plzz tell me leclix.com is real or fake

        • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

          Hi Goldy, According to Scamvoid Test, the site looks safe but see that the site doesn’t looks popular. They just have around 1,000 members and they have paid only $38. You can try them but do not waste your precious time on that more. If they ask for money, you may better deny.

  • sreenivas.n

    thanks sir, i feel amazon mechanical turk suites me .is it free to register in it. how to register in it plz reply waiting for your help.

  • sreenivas.n

    sorry sir, if i am taking too much of your time but plz i need your help to earn online some decent amount .can you plz suggest me a book which gives point to point information on how to start a blog and website and workthrough it .

  • Joelle

    Hi Arjun,
    As a new mum I was one of many looking to find a way of making some money whilst at home. I came across so many scam sites before I found themoneymakinglist.co.uk through which I have joined a really good site that pays me to test websites.

    I have been using it for a couple of months now and earned a bit of money which helps with the bills. I know I can make more money if I put in more time but I am happy with my earnings at the moment. The Money making List has many ways of making extra money, some are really easy to do like the website testing thing I do (and I am not that computer savvy).

    Arjun, is clickbank a good way to make money outside of the US, as all the products seem to be directed towards a US audience?

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Joelle, thanks for sharing your opinion. Yes. Clickbank is a good and trusted way to earn money online.

  • Goldy

    sir mtruct.com this site is trusted but how the way i start work from this site i recntly join this website but not recive any email from mtruck.com nt any information to earn money no any idea sir plzzz help me.

  • eirtiza

    pls tell me the earnings rules of readbud……

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Sorry that ReadBud is no more.

  • http://www.sneakywolf.com Saair

    Thats really helpful thanks

  • suchithra.k

    thanks arjun

  • Ajith

    sir, can i earn through mobile from any of these sites?

  • sureshnaik

    hi dude i recently buy the computer my idea was worki at home. how to earn minimum 10,000 per month with working online please tell me bro. i have seen some sites smssending jobs, adposting jobs they are genuine or not please tell me bro.

    your`s SURAJ

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      You can make use of freelancer.com to do your own jobs of your interest. If people likes your services, your gig’s popularity might increase and you can earn a lot in a month.

  • shivam

    hlo arjun sir….plz tell me wht type i have do on neubux….

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      You just need to browse the advertiser’s site for few seconds they which they allot for a specific ad.

  • shantala

    Hi Arjun,
    I heard abt google adsense but I don’t know much abt blogging.. I want earn atleast 10$/day, so please suggest me the websites which i can use

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Hi Shantala,

      You can learn about Blogging more on the internet. If you are good at writing, then blogging might work good for you. My suggestion is, start a blog which is of your own interest.

  • jitendra

    can any buddy work with having only basic knowledge of computer n internet.

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Yes. But please don’t stay with basics. While working, learn more. :)

  • jitendra

    sir how to use click bank to earn.

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      The process for using Clickbank is briefly represented as follows: Sign up – Select a product to market – Grab the link – Ask people to buy them using the link generated for you – Get paid.

  • priyanshi

    Hey how is thegml site to earn online please do reply

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Don’t trust them!

  • priyanshi

    Can i trust thegml

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Nope. They can’t be trusted.

  • shivam

    sir,i have watched 104 website of neobux but i have earned only 0.104$……..wht ‘s the solution for fastest earning

    • UJP

      Add Referrals and Invite your friends……..
      You may earn more than $5 per day…………

  • Brandon

    Hello Arjun! Wonderful articles you write, I read them all after processing this one. Your information is accurate and enlightening, if possible maybe you can add me on Google+ if I ever have questions about crowdsourcing or developing a site. Thanks!

  • http://WWW.NEOBUX.COM goldy


    2.8. Only one account per computer is allowed to view advertisements

    I ALREDY EARN $2.36

  • gurpreet

    sir i m a student and don”t know how to work in these companies or sites sir pls tell me how to earn money from internet

  • etajunda atenyi

    how can join

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Etajunda, go to the respective websites and join there!

      • ravinder

        dude help me….i wrote lyrics but m not gettin suitable way to earn by mine lyrics….so can u plz suggest me some way…..

        • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

          Ravinder, Glad to know that you write awesome lyrics. There are many sites for earning money by writing lyrics. Songbay.co is one of the website which allows you to earn money by writing lyrics. Smashsongs.com is also awesome for earning bucks by writing lyrics. Try them out. All the best!

  • Vishal

    Hi.. :)
    Please tell me a good website for Typing jobs without investing money..!
    Hope you’ll give me a positive reply 😀

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Hi Vishal, try Mechanical Turk. They have categorized jobs for typing too.

  • Perdostos

    In my opinion most profitable way to earn money is to follow your advice number 1 – Adsense. Google is a serious company and never cheat its partners. So it’s could be wise to join their affiliate program. I’m working with Google for over four year now and quite happy.

  • yousif

    how can i earn on neo bux and how many earn on neobux.

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Yousif, Neobux pays you just for browsing Advertiser’s website. You can also earn by referrals.

  • Barkha

    Arjun I visited Amazon Mechanical Turk, but I’m not able to understand that qualification topic. help me.

  • ajay

    i am a student i want to earn money

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      No problem. The above sites applies for students as well. You can try them.

  • pooja

    arjun sir ,i m student and doing a job also , i heard 1st tym about all dis online earning,i also want to earn money online on fiverr,(suggested by u many tyms),,,,just plz tel me how 2 go for it,n wat will i hv 2 do . n wat r requirements 4 dat?reply soon i hv so much confusion as i never heard about it before

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Pooja, Fiverr is an online platform that lets you to earn online by working on it. When you reach Fiverr, you will have to sign up first. Before signing up, make sure that you have a PayPal account to receive payments from Fiverr. This is the only required thing to earn at Fiverr. You don’t need any other criteria to participate in Fiverr. If you don’t have Fiverr account, you can also create it later but see that you are creating a PayPal soon because after you earn with Fiverr, you will be asked to link a PayPal account.

      And, after signing up, you may reach fiverr.com and you can do any work there for $5. Go to Seller > Create a new gig to start your work. Decide what type of work you are interested in. For example, if you are interested in painting, then you may give “I will paint your face for $5”. Upload some photos of some of your great paintings. Describe about your gig and if you want to say something to the buyer, you can type them there. Provide some important tags so that using that, people can easily find your gig (work).

      After creating the gig, Fiverr will take sometime to verify your gig. If it is not against the Fiverr’s T&C, your gig will be approved. Share your work with people around you through social networking sites and Email. Make your gig popular.

      Promise and do a quick delivery so that your customers while rate your gig high. This will increase your popularity on Fiverr and many people will contact you to buy your work.

  • david

    i would also like to add one guys look at elance and o desk they do pay well and you can utilize your talent efficiently

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Thanks for your suggestion, David.

  • Shahbaz

    thnx bro, gr8 job. I want to ask u dat how much time fiverr takes to pay us.

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Shahbaz, It depends on your gig and your gig’s popularity. It instantly pays you once when you have earned certain dollars.

  • Sharon S. Lopez

    Thank you for sharing this opportunities. I must admit I do not know about affiliate marketing and how to be successful on this field.

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      There are many sites for Affiliate marketing. You can go for ClickBank. If you are a webmaster, you can also approach HostGator, Themeforest, Bluehost and others for doing affiliate marketing.

  • http://www.automatedpaydays.com/ Anne

    Great article Arjun, I have made money online from Fiverr, will try some of the others now :)

  • Sushil

    What about in.fortuneglobalsms.com
    is it trusted or not?

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Site doesn’t exist or owned by some sponsors to have ads.

  • Sushil

    trusted or not?

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Sushil, the site is new. We can’t predict whether we can trust them or not. They have started the site only on 15 August 2012.

  • Ajay

    hey arjun . i am a student of 15 years ( just completed 10th std )
    I am gud at typing. and also hav gud knowledge abt mobiles,android,computers.
    So can you please tell me about which sites would be better for me to earn money? And, yes I would like to mention that I don’t have any blog or website. Please tell me the sites which do not require any investment.

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Hi Ajay, If you have a good knowledge about mobiles, Android and computers, you can very well blog about it. Investment is not required. Create a free Blogger blog. Hit blogger.com and start blogging about what you know. But still, if you can spend just around $2 (Rs. 120) for the domain like .com, .in, .org for the first year, you can get approved by Google Adsense easily. Find some GoDaddy domain for such offers. Once when your Adsense grows well and when you receive the first payment, you can pay your domain bill for the next year.


    hello friend, i am trying to start online work to earn money. but it is very difficult to start. please guide me how should i start it. there are thousands of sites. it is very hard to decide the choose the site for real earning. thanks

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Hi Muhammad, First analyse what skill you have with respect to computers and internet. If you are well versed in marketing Clickbank is the best. The above sites mentioned are most trusted and people are earning form those sites.

  • neammy

    hey thanks a lot

  • Abin

    Sir, Is there any way to earn online other than blogging? please send the details…
    What about paisalive.com? Is it trusted?

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Yes, Abin you can earn money online in other ways too. PaisaLive is a trusted site to earn money online.

    • rana tabassum

      yes dear these all sites are paying but having different types of work

  • angel

    hey may i know when i can cashout money in neobux and how to cash out?

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      You need a Paypal account to cash out your earnings. You can withdraw amount when you reach $2 itself.

      • Rahul

        pls tell me about ScriptLance. & it’s official website URL

        • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

          For your information, Scriptlance was acquired by Freelancer.com in the year 2012.

  • Prince Philip

    i am very intrested in Readbud. Can u please explain how can i earn money in readbud. And also can you tell will there be any money loss if we fail in any process.

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      You just need to read articles what they provide for you. After reading, you need to rate the article and you will be paid. You don’t have to invest money in it and so no loss.

  • Prince Philip

    how to start a paypal account

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Just head to paypal.com and choose a plan. There will be 3 plans usually but depending upon a country’s restriction it may vary. You need a bank account and a PAN card to create a PayPal account.

  • dr.marwa

    thank u v.v.v.v much.i want to know if myrightad is scam or true ?.and what about banner broker?????

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Hello Dr.Marwa,
      MyRightAd doesn’t looks like scam but the site is new and BannersBroker too isn’t a scam.

  • Baku

    Is Bigmoneyptc scam or not? What do u think?

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Big Money PTC looks like scam after viewing most of the reviews on the web. Be careful!

  • Saloni

    Now a days there are many news of scam and it is very hard to belive which website is true or scam. Are u sure that the sites you have mention is not a scam ?
    then tell me which website will be best for me where I do not need too share my bank account number?
    How many websites can I use for online income together at once ?

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Hi Saloni, You’re right. Most of the sites which exist today scam. The sites mentioned above are trusted and existing since years. We also see people getting payments from the above sites. You don’t have to share you account number anywhere in the above site but in some sites, you need to link your PayPal account. Fortunately, you need to link your bank account with PayPal to withdraw earnings.

  • vishal

    heys guys plz me iam daily access internet around 5to 6 hours plz me help me i am waiting for money for money plz give me suggestion of website which gives money online without investment or ptc website si which i make 10 $ daily

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      You can make use of Fiverr to make money online but in every online earning site, patience is needed. You need to work hard and be patient to become popular on the internet so that you can earn a lot.

  • sonu sharma

    how can i earn online. i want to earn more than by my salary; and what is the usage of website.

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      You can earn online in many ways but when you want to earn more, you need to work more. You can become popular in sites like Fiverr using your marketing skills. It depends on how far you popularize the link and make people to pay you for your gig. Clickbank too works the same but it is purely an affiliate marketing.

  • mayank

    dear, arjun i want ur suggest is automated-paydays.com a better option for earning money online…can we trust this site…….

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Automated-Paydays doesn’t have much details about people withdrawing the real money. You can better stay away from it.

  • Meghna K

    Hey Arjun,

    Thanks for providing the list of trusted websites. However could you please help me with some information about websites where I can earn through teaching subjects like English or communication to non-English speaking countries.


    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Hi Meghna, I feel starting a blog and sharing information is much powerful way! Teach English by using blogs and you can earn money through Google AdSense. A site which teaches English communication, that’s awesome, right?

  • Swetha S

    Hi Arjun, I am very new to this website. I do not have a website of my own.
    Someone had told me about Cashbuddy, is it true that we get paid by clicking their articles/read their articles. Please advise. Need your help.

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Hi Swetha, CashBuddy isn’t much popular to predict whether it can be trusted or not. I may ask you to try if you have time but don’t try if they ask for money or any personal info.

  • mayank


  • gaurav

    hi arjun pleasure to meet you.can u suggest me a better online earning site.thanx

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      I guess you have a site. You may better try Google AdSense.

  • Rahila

    Hi, Arjun. Thank you for your informative article. I wonder whether it is possible to make money by answering surveys (paidsurveysathome etc.)

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Hi Rahila, You can also earn money by doing online surveys. you may check out getpaidsurveys.com

  • pilot

    neobux is really the best

  • palash mehta

    hey arjun i am a student of 9 std which is the best site to chosse dude plz help me out

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      You can use any but I have seen 9th grade students creating blogs and earning with AdSense. Try creating blogs and share what you know. Also, some students earn by Fiverr. These two sites are most powerful. Do not miss it buddy!

  • Hasinur Rahman

    Thanks for a nice post arjun, From the sites listed above I am working on fiverr.com I must say as mentioned on your post the site is a money tree for those who are seeking a way to online earning. I have been working on this site for 2 months now. I have already earned $435. I am sure like fiverr all the other 6 methods are as great as it. But yes you have work hard with 100% dedication.

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Yes Hasinur, You are right! Success need hard work with full dedication. Thank you for sharing your experiences in Fiverr with us!

  • http://sparkster.hubpages.com/ Sparkster

    I have tried just about all of these sites and can confirm that they are all completely useless… unless you want to waste your life away for peanuts of course, which is completely pointless anyway.

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Did you know there are people earning thousands of dollars from AdSense per month like Amit Agarwal of Labnol?
      Do you know a guy bought a 3 BHK house with earnings from Fiverr?
      People have started to earn money from freelancer.com full time.
      All sites have success stories and that is why, we have selected them and placed above.

  • joseph

    i have a google adsence accout…but i can’t to able earn money sir…pls help me sir…suppose i build new website i earn ah

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Build a site and do work with more dedication, Joseph. You can earn with it. Try to get traffic from search engines mostly. This can help you to earn more.

  • MorpheWQ

    This is my PTC story: neobux.com/forum/?/4/333776/MorpheWQs-Stats/&rh=4D6F727068655751

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Thanks MorpheWQ for sharing your earning proof! :) BTW, Congratulations!

  • surjeeth

    wht abt fastrupee.com ? is it really genuine??

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      The site fastrupee.com jus says tells you about NeoBux and other! The site itself does not provide any feature for you to earn money.

  • Annie

    Good points!

    Fiverr is a lot of hard work but you can make it work for you. I like to use it to make money from something I’m good at to pay for Fiverr services I need.

  • alex

    I like to use money rewards. The offer is so easy and is so easy to earn money. I got my money quickly because the withdraw limit is so small!! That’s what you call a money earning website.

  • dhine

    how can i join in readbud?is just about reading?pls.help me

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Yes. you just need to read articles what they provide. And they will pay you.

    • http://mobilemaniaxyz.blogspot.in/ Prashant

      readbud is no more

      • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

        Yes Prashant. Readbud is now no more. I have alternatively offered you another great site, freelancer.com. Most of the people have got benefit out of it.

  • dhine

    how can i joine?can you give me link sir arjun?because i love reading..and i want to earn from my hobby..pls.help me.tnx

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Hi Dhine, We crawled on Readbud now. It looks that Readbud isn’t on web anymore. We have added another trusted online earning site in the post. We have added “Freelancer” site as trusted where you can do freelancer jobs.

  • ali

    Hi Arjun i am tired of visiting and time wasting sites . I had a loss of 20000 at shotbux .Please tell me a very trusted and paying site .

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Hi Ali,
      You can use any site mentioned above. You won’t losing any money in these sites if you are going to work hard. Work smartly and wisely. You can get more earnings than you invest. And, ShotBux looks like a scam site and is not recommended to join.

  • http://bloggingden.com Satish kumar

    this is very good information. yes these are genuine sites and thousand of people are earning with this sites. thank you

  • http://harisan10.blogspot.com harisan

    hi brother how get blogger adsense approval help me please

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      AdSense is somewhat difficult to get approved for a blogger blog but you can get AdSense easily by upgrading your domain to TLDs like .com, .us etc. However, you need to have quality contents on your blog. You need to read eligibility criteria while you sign up for AdSense.

  • kanna

    list out the website name which is giving the highest salary??????

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Most of the affiliate marketing sites like ClickBank pays you high but everything depends on your hard work. People who struggle for $100 a month is on ClickBank and also people who earn $800 a day rock there.

  • jai

    i have to work on google adense but i have no website it is compulsory to have a website

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Yes, It is mandatory to have a website for Google AdSense. If you don’t have a website, why not try videos on YouTube. When any of your videos go viral on web, you will receive an email stating that you can monetize your YouTube account. And, from then you can use AdSense for YouTube.
      You can also try out blogger.com to create blogs and earn money from AdSense. Yet, there are some eligibility criteria to get started.

  • persian

    hey arjun, are there any web sites that actually have online data entry jobs ??

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Hi Persian, Most of the online data entry jobs are fake. Better not to trust on online data entry jobs.

  • tutei

    Great article. Haven’t tried any but I think I now have a fair idea of trustworthy sites.

  • Fen

    The problem is I have no investment’s and also I’m not good in blogging ,marketing or any other stuff either.But wanted to make money with ‘zero investment’ formula because , I have financial problem’s.But I can not afford a website nor any marketing strategy. I’m afraid that if I fall in trouble trusting these website’s even though they are genuine what shall be because I do not have any financial support earning my bread with mere income a very small amount for my living ,I still want to pay the fees for my collage but i can’t .
    Can you suggest me any website in which i can make money without any investment or falling in trouble and yeah I’m not good at blogging or marketing and other stuff soo. Can u help me out ..??Please mail me .

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      If blogging and marketing doesn’t fit you, then try Freelancer. They can pay you for doing jobs based on your other skills which you have.

  • Fen

    I’m not good at blogging ,marketing,selling nor I am talented ..So can you suggest me some website which safe and also doesnt require any web hosting ,marketing ,blogging ,etc kinda stuff

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Hi Fen, Why you shouldn’t try freelancer.com ? You just can’t say that you aren’t talented. You are talented in one way. Find it out. Analyze the part which you are interested in and sign up at freelancer.com. Provide your details and let people who want their work to be completed will hire you.

  • Fen

    It’s a fact that i had a look at freelancer.com ,But I’m really not good at any thing .I want to make some money by you know clicking ads or publishing them so my friends would click .I want to make money in this kinda process.Because,in linkbuks.com I’m not sure weather i should have my own website or not.So, i would be happy if you would help me .
    Thank’s please do email me .

  • King

    Hey Arjun thanks for sharing about freelancing. I use odesk as my preferred way for online earning. Adsense is also fine but for a newbie it takes time to build the site and earn. I checked readbud and the site is closed, it’s related to a PTC site.

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Thank you fro your suggestions. Please be nice by providing your real name. :)

      • http://www.onlineearningking.com/ Tamal

        Okay so being nice means providing my real name? So there you go my name is Tamal. Happy?

        • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

          Appreciated! :) Sometimes, it is hard to judge a spam commenter and a real one. It’s good to provide a real one!

          • http://www.onlineearningking.com/ Tamal

            Agree to that!

  • mubiru robert

    i would like to work with you

  • Fen

    Freelancer.com is only for it professionals and I’m not good at even basics can you suggest any website like linkbucks.com .Linkbucks.com ‘s links are reported spam every where can you suggest me a website apart from neobux ,freelance,linkbucks. which’s a trusted one and relaible and fast money making by clicking on ad’s similar to neobux…??

  • Amit

    i found this site and want to earn money with this site click2rupee.com !! can you tell me is it really genuine??

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Sources say that they don’t pay anyone. It’s a scam of course. You may try other sites.

  • d3ank

    are there for indonesian regional too??much earn money online reject indonesian user.
    why??? what should I do???

    thanks for you confirm

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Some sites restrict some countries. It all depends on site’s and country’s laws as well.

  • Eldaniz

    I started on Neobux a few months ago, with absolutely no investment.
    I earned a high amount of money, it starts off slow and most people quit and get bored at the start but if you stay with it you will earn LOTS.
    When you first start i strongly suggest to you to not rent referrals until you have atleast $0.9-$1.00. This is because you will have to recycle referrals who are not active.

    The site has already paid me.İ assure you this site is absolutely not scam.Jus join and see the results in one week!!!

  • http://www.best4yash.blogspot.in Yash

    nice ways to earn

  • http://www.astroyogalife.com suhas

    Please visit my website astroyogalife.com and tell me can I get adsense approval or is something required to be done.

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Hello suhas, scan your site with an anti virus. My anti virus shows that your site contains some potentially unsafe contents. AdSense too require safe sites. Also, write more contents on your site for quick AdSense approval.

  • suhas

    sorry! you have given very good info. I am earning on Amazon however small amounts as associate. however, please tell where can i post amazon links on other forums and social networks.

  • naveen

    how can i create web site

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      To create a website, you may need to buy a host. We recommend Hostgator to be the best and if you are buying a website, you may use the coupon CRYPTOFF25 for 25% discount on total bill. You need to host your HTML files or PHP files there. In other case, if you are starting a blog, you have special CMS like WordPress, joomla!, Drupal etc. You can just upload and install them to your host. You just have to write based upon your interest. For example, CryptLife delivers information about technological stuffs.

      If you are a newbie, I may suggest you not to spend lot of money but tryout free hosting like 000webhost or 1freehosting. Use Blogger.com for blogging. Once when you are good in design and writing skills or whatever your site deals about, you can go with paid hosting which is really easier for you to spread word about your site.

      • M H Islam

        Thank you very much for your nice comments. How to do SEO for my site “internetearn.webs.com” ?

        • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

          The site is hosted in webs.com. You may check their App Store to download SEO tools. DIYSEO is a best app for doing SEO in your site.

      • abhishek kumar singh

        hi arjun ,,i have try to many site but i’m not earn ,,so give me suggestion

        • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

          Hi Abhishek, if you have many site then you may start providing people a service or start a blog. Work hard to get Google AdSense approval.

  • http://aksbd.blogspot.com Chinmoy

    Very effective article . I have a blogger website. I am not getting enough traffic . Would you please visit there and tell me how to get more traffic from my blog .

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Hi Chinmoy, please scan your site with antivirus. Also, you have infringed contents from other blogs. Please try to avoid infringing articles. If the site owner finds, you, he can sue you. Be original and you will get lot of traffic.

      Just understand this, Chinmoy. Google will rank high for the site which has the good quality information. Quality depends on how far the article is genuine too. When Google has indexed the site first, then how you can expect that Google will rank your site too? Google will consider yours as duplicates and tries to push down in search results.

      Genuine articles can bring more traffic. I can say, infringing articles is a waste of time and you can’t get anything out of it.

  • Hanife

    Hyy to all.helllo dear arjun,i m having the good knowledge on .net,SQL server,windows application,web applications.Now currently i am working as a dotnet developer,i m having some financial problem can u please how can i earn 5000 rs per month based on my key skills,pls send a mail to me pls,which one is best for me to get the money without investment pls

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Hi Hanife, You can very well use Freelancer and start earning. Initially, when you are new to Freelancer, you may earn less but later, you will be getting more orders based upon your reputation.

  • http://www.webgigs.ca Devid C

    Hello Arjun Bro, I appreciate your role here. You are so helpful person. I am really astonished. I am a worker and working webgigs.ca

    It pays me, and I never faced any occurs. But still I am not sure about this site. Would you like to tell me, Is this a secured/ trusted site to work?


    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Hi Devid, Webgigs seem to be new site and we couldn’t get any enough information for showing them to be trusted. You may just try the,. But, Fiverr has lot of people and is trusted by all. you may check Fiverr.

  • kishor

    how can I earn with google play account?

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Hi Kishor, you need to create apps for Android. The new information from Google I/O 2013 is allowing Android developers to make money from the apps they create.

      • nikhil rao

        hi bro this is nikhil iam intrested in online earning iam a student how much ican earn per day in how much time which is the easy website to earn money pls reply me bro

        • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

          Go for Freelancer or Fiverr. There are lot of students earning from Freelancer. You can make it too. You may have to spend around 2 hours daily but depends on the work you get.

  • Michale

    We are a group of volunteers and opening a new
    scheme in our community. Your web site provided us with valuable info to work on.

    You’ve done a formidable job and our entire community will be thankful to you.

  • Harsh singh

    Thanks for sharing such a great list.

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Welcome! Hope it helped you!

  • ahmad

    if you want to earn online please visit this site i have many useful resources…

  • gracemary

    I know some of those mentioned above and the others I will definitely try them out.

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      That’s nice! All the best! 😀

  • http://moneybies.com Vivek Jain

    Surely a great list with wonderful content and mind blowing information.
    Thanks for providing this excellent post for money making through online.. :)

  • mark.hammar

    I use SEOCLERKS.com site and I got more then 80 orders from this site in only 2 months. Most successful and lovely site for me. According to earning point of view. I recommend all users to use SEOclerks site.

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Yes Mark, I’ve heard about SEOClerks but haven’t used them. Thank you for sharing yet another trusted and interesting site to earn.

  • Kinjal

    Very Good list! I like that list, but can you give us some sites for doing online job on mobile.!!!

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      We have people who are earning from these sites but we don’t have people who earns with mobile. I have an idea to earn money online through mobile. If you can make application for Android, Google Play can pay you for ads that gets displayed on your app on users’ mobile.

      Android development requires Java knowledge but a simple application for Nokia S40 mobiles doesn’t require special programming skill. You may learn about this more here.

  • rahul

    hey bro im rahul nd i am ur big fan bt i would lik to inform u that clickbank is a big fraud.

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Clickbank isn’t a fraud. They pay well but people who use Clickbank doesn’t get paid by them instantly or they aren’t paid large when people do affiliate marketing as a beginner. Once when the beginner is equipped with experience, Clickbank pays huge amount as the person follows marketing strategies.

      Can you please share your experience against Clickbank so that we could know about them.

  • forson

    am in ghana and and i want to start these online money making system but please how can i get a paypal account,because i dont have a pan card as you said,p;ease help me.

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      A PAN card is a must to have a PayPal account but getting a PAN card is simple. :)

  • forson

    am from Ghana and i want to start these online bussiness but i dont have a paypal account,neigther do i have a pan card so now please what should i do please help me.

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Most of the online sites requires a PayPal account so that transaction is made more instantly without any trouble. But few sites also offers “Check” option so that your payments are sent to your mailing address. Some of the affiliates like Hostgator Affiliates offers “Check” option. Also, if you use Google AdSense, you don’t have to worry about a Paypal or anything. Your payments will be paid through Checks.

  • rahul adak

    does online earning really work?? it might for sum bt its actually a fraud for most beginners…nd mostly take money make an account nd aftr tht u r left to ur own. :(

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Online earning works like charm for most of the people though there are lot of fraudulent sites. We need to be careful about such sites. You may not trust just simply a site telling that they are providing you money for free by doing nothing favor for them. People who do earn by trusted sites are even buying Jaguar! Recently, Fiverr blog posted that one of their customer bought a 3BHK house with his Fiverr earnings alone. The post was deleted by Fiverr blog but Google still shows the result on their page when you search as “seller bought house fiverr”. The similar story is discussed on other blogs. Look here: empowernetwork.com/kmchap/blog/a-fiverr-seller-bought-a-house-with-his-fiverr-money/

  • Lakindu Ravihara Gamage

    I tried most of these any had some success. One thing I must tell everyone don’t think that by only registering and setting in front of the computer is enough .You have to follow specific steps
    and work little bit harder to make it up and running If you do the initial part well you definitely is able get success of any of these. Please add micrworkers.com ,it is also a very trusted sited since over 3 years

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Your view is very much correct. We need to work hard for attaining success. Thank you for sharing your views. You are awesome.

  • http://debt-care.com Penina

    Thank you very much for your article.Good stuff.Just to be more realistic you do not just get income from ad sense easily.Your topic must attract adverts and you can only know this if you Google your topic and see the adverts on the right hand side.Secondly you need some reasonable traffic to your web site/blog.Many people have to see your web site/blog so that at least 2% of that traffic can click on your web site.
    With Click Bank,many people have talked about getting a lot of money.i tried to promote 2 products on Click Bank some 5 years ago and never got even $1.I hope someone can tell us the magic.

  • Lonardo

    Hello. Internet is an endless workplace so people can make money even more than real life, at least theoretically :). But with a realistic approach we can say that we can earn reasonably from internet. A website or blog is necessary for some methods but for most of them it is not. Some are very classic, some are proven and some are totally new. I spend some time to find out the answer but most of the resources points out same methods.

  • sai

    can any one say what is the best site to earn money i dont got any site pls say budddys

  • vinay

    what about paisalive

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Hey Vinay, you can trust PaisaLive. Though some sites tell that they are fake, I have seen some people getting check from Paisalive. It provides around Rs. 100 on joining and Rs. 2 for each referral.

  • Street

    hey,Arjun…i know agot knowledge about computers..and so on…but can you help me with blog…what to write and how to????if you have a blog can you link me so that i can see how its done…how to start about…and yeah thanks…nice posts..above….will contact you if anything.. :)

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Hi Street,
      You can write about your own interest and that will be good as you can get more information regarding them. BTW, CryptLife is my blog. :)

  • Kinjal

    Thank u


    I had an account with Mturk and I was getting money through cheques regularly. Last month they suspended my account with out any valid reason with my more than 100 dollars pending .I contacted them by mail but they are not responding to my mail . It is known that they plan to eliminate Indian workers gradually that is why doing this.

    kindly let me know is there is any chance to retrieve my money and advise is there any MTURK like sites



  • Srujan

    Hello Arjun,

    Very glad to gather some useful information from your site.

    Are there any sites to sell movie scripts?

    Is hostgator.com Secure?


    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Yes, HostGator is secure and you may trust.

  • Srinu

    I have started a new blog and i want to remove title from home page of my website and i want to keep some links or text like you at the top of the page.

    please help me.


    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      You can get that option from settings page of your site’s admin panel.

  • sahin

    Today an earning website can change meany peoples life.

  • Aakash

    hello Arjun,
    can u tell me a way to earn rs 10,000/per month online as a part time because i am just a student

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      It is possible to earn Rs. 10,000 per month online but requires more patience. The popular you become on web, the more the money. You can either use Fiverr or make blogs but all you need is dedication for the work. Happy earning online! All the best!

  • sahin

    To day freelancer is a very good internet platform for freelancers. But we need Good spoken, written English is a must to survive.

  • nidhi

    hi arjun sir,i m a m.tech final year student,my trade is computers,how can i earn money online with no investment?

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Hey Nidhi,
      I could see many final year students creating blogs and earning money online. You have lot of choices to earn money online but choose it wisely. With no investment mean, you can try freelancer jobs.

  • http://www.apnaahangout.com/ Arun Kallarackal

    Useful info. All sites and methods described by you are trusted. Otherwise, there are lots of scams going on there.

  • Amit

    QNA1.com provides earning opportunities to its contributors.

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Thank you for sharing, Amit.

  • Joydev

    Hello Arjun,
    Can I earn at least 3 thousand to spend 4 hours per day.

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      The sites listed above can help you to earn but not at the starting stage. You need to work more for reaching such a target.

  • yogendra



    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Google AdSense will approve a blog if it has more quality. The content produced on your site should be genuine. Please read this eligibility article to participate in AdSense program: https://support.google.com/adsense/answer/9724?hl=en

  • adil

    Have any idea about somevisits.com

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Hi Adil,
      The site doesn’t seem to be fake but internet reviewers say that they pay very less. In the homepage of the site, they have said that you’ll be earning $750 per month but that is not possible with SomeVisits, I guess.

  • edwin dsouza

    i m trying to buy a program from goole adsence and clickbank in which they wil provide me 10 domain with 3000 pages set up for 185$ is it a real or its scam plz heelp me.

  • prasad

    what about earn4free.com?

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Hi Prasad,

      This site doesn’t have a good reputation. Please be careful before participating.

      • saurabh

        hi arjun, what about withsep.com …. is it trusted or not??

        • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

          I usually trust a site by ranking of the site and maximum positive reviews given by the users. Withsep.com doen’t have a good rank. Also on looking at the site, the cheque shown in the homepage is actually an AdSense cheque. I don’t know why they have shown the AdSense cheque in the place where people would like to see as a ‘proof for earning’.

        • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

          Although the payout package is reasonable, be careful with it. You can try them out unless they do not ask for any investments.

  • http://earn-online-dev.blogspot.com Budhadeb Hembram

    i am writing a blog name.
    what type of ad i can use?
    thx in advance.

  • saurabh

    hi bro…… can I trust on succeedindia.com??

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Hi Saurabh! I don’t blindly believe a site for trust! A fully genuine site should be designed well and should look more professional. Also, I need to know reviews from users before believing that site. Unfortunately the site you’ve mentioned doesn’t have sufficient data on the web. So, if I’m in your position, I may not go for this site.

  • shubhan

    hi arjun… suggest some trusted ptc sites

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Hi Shuban, Neobux and ClixSense are the most popular and trusted PTC sites.

  • Anil

    I want to know whether MyBrowserCash is genuie site or not.

  • Hemant

    Hay arjun thanks 4 your nice post.

  • Sagar

    Suppose my web site is affilated with adsense, What would happen if I optimized my website

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Nothing happens. Optimization will bring you good traffic and so good money from AdSense.

      • Sagar

        thank you

      • Govind shrivastav

        Hlw I am Govind how can I start earn money from these website I have no experience and guidelines so plz can you guid me in my email or m

  • Sagar

    Can we affilate web site having domain names example.asia.np, example.asia, example.net, example.org on adsense program

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Yes. AdSense is allowed on those domains.

  • karthick

    hey dude iam from India how can i sign up in mturk

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Create an AWS account and sign up for mturk.

      • karthick

        hey thats right but will they approve my account. because i already signed up for mturk without creating AWS account they replied that (Greetings from Amazon Mechanical Turk,
        We have completed our review of your Amazon Mechanical Turk Worker Account. We regret to inform you that you will not be permitted to work on Mechanical Turk.

        Our account review criteria are proprietary and we cannot disclose the reason why an invitation to complete registration has been denied. If our criteria for invitation changes, you may be invited to complete registration in the future.

        Thank you for your interest in Mechanical Turk.
        Amazon Mechanical Turk)

  • Naren

    Nice post dear. It gives something to start in this scammed internet arena. thanx.

  • Raja

    my account in mturk has been suspended when i changed the account name and address. how can i retrive my account if you know please………. share with me.

  • sanjib

    hi, i read all above and very much intrested to earn on line through these sites and also gained some knowledge abt paypal account. thanks a lot

  • Pansy Dehler

    Wonderful post…

  • ck

    Just to inform, ads that says “Google pays me 100$$$ every day/hour to work at home” is fake, and they always lead you to some random website that has nothing to do with google. Also, “My aunt was jobless for x months and now she earned 19739 $$$ this month just working for 3 hours” This is fake too.

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Yes, these kind of ads are making the people to go in wrong path. Thanks for making our readers aware!

  • birendra bajracharya

    hi im birendra i wa nt online earning website which website is trusteble please tell me everyone who have know about that also tell me how can ill take payment method

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      PayPal is the most used method for the payment. Out of all, Google AdSense will send you cheques once you’ve reached the payment threshold.

  • Niki7

    Neobux is fine but I know similar REAL webiste that let you earn a little faster (there are adds for 0.01$ even for free members). I am trying ProBux. It’s fine for me.

  • Paul Hannam

    Above websites are genuine and paying rewards to the job seekers.

  • karthick

    hey dude please tell me how to work in clickbank

  • Madhavi

    Download ‘Ziddu Pay’ App. That application stays on your computer and it won’t disturb your work. Stay more time and earn more … ziddu.com/earn.php

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      That’s another trusted site to earn by uploading files. Thanks for sharing, Madhavi! :)

  • Harsha

    Hi Arjun, i want to know trusted data entry jobs or form filling jobs

  • Rahul kumar aman

    I want to earn money on online plz reply me


    thanks a lot actually i was looking for these answers for a long time.i need to talk to you.can i get ur mobile number

  • namitha

    hi arjun….thanks a lot for sharing a lot of info abt these websites…..can u plzz help me out for some more information abt dis by sending your mobile number……

  • shwetha

    am earning from probux !!! it’s amazing try and start earn. it’s really working.this is not joke i really getting money from probux !!!

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Thanks for your suggestion, Shwetha!

      • Santhosh

        Probux looks like a scam. Please read this. http://howtogetref.com/probux-review/

        • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

          Thanks for the quick note about Probux mate! You just saved our readers.

    • manzoor

      I think now it is scam, what you think now a days?

      • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

        Much sources reveal that Probux is scam these days.

  • gmadhavi

    Read Ziddu News And Earn Money

    Websites offering news and information is a common phenomenon but what happens when you can read something to gain knowledge and add few extra bucks in your kitty using the same article. The answer to this question is Ziddu.com.

    Since its inception, Ziddu.com has been a file sharing portal which has proved to be the sought after medium for youngsters and netizens alike. But now they came up with a new segment called the Ziddu news. And here is the catch point, it is not just about reading the articles. If the readers share it on their social networking profiles, they would get paid accordingly. This facility is only for the registered users.

    Similarly, they can also opt for ‘Refer a Friend’ and if their referrals also register, then the user will get paid. This is a rare and unique opportunity wherein information enhances knowledge and sharing that information enhances the bank balance. Further details can be had by visiting the website ziddu.com

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Thanks for sharing! :)

  • Omkar

    Hi Arjun, Thank you for this trusted money making websites.

  • shahid saju

    Just check these sites and join to earn good money all genuine sites

  • nitin jain

    Hi arJun. .
    Thanx for sharing abt trusted sites…bro Pl tell me if u wide choose among these sites…which one will u choose n way?

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Hi Nitin,

      I would most probably go for AdSense, Fiverr and Freelancer.

  • http://anuragkumar.in/ Anurag kumar

    Adsense tops the list and will always top. None of them can beat adsense. However these affitiate programs if done correctly can beat adsense.

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      I agree with you!

  • gappu negi

    Good website for earn easy online money by referring people n doing small task

  • N.Sudhakara rao

    bro.i want to know how earn online. which is right site for earn. pls. tell me. if i succeed i shall share to all my friends who are hard earning.

  • namrata

    hey, clickBank is fake or what? if anyone knws pls tell. :3

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      ClickBank is real and you can trust! 😉

  • http://gteaminternational.org sujith

    dear Arjun here is sujith krupal
    charity worker and public speaker/translator
    as i am having more over 500+ people on my
    service team would u pls suggest me the
    sites and some ways that shall bring gr8 EARNING AND POTENTIAL

  • sparsh

    I just wanted to know is clixsense.com good website to earn money.. ????

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Yes. ClixSense is a trusted one.

  • winston fernandes

    can u tell me any trusted email sending or processing site

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Did you mean sites like MailChimp and Aweber?


    is myonlinejobs.com website is trustable for online earnings..

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      NO. The site has now been moved.

  • lakkumanan

    hello sir,i have started in clicksense and it’s asking city address and so on,i want to know it was secure or i can leave it….please reply sir….

  • srikanth

    hey arjun i registerd in amozon mechanical turk it has been three days but when i open my account it says that you’ll be regesterd within 48hours

  • jebi

    hii Arjun, i have been working with Microworkers for 5 months. i earned a lot. But now i have been terminated with no reason. Can i get sites like Microworkers.

  • Anusha

    Hi Arjun,

    We get money with google adsense by montly?

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Hi Anusha,

      Yes but if your account reaches $100 within a month, you will be paid monthly.

  • Brent Howell

    Basically, Postloop (site to earn), members post on forums to help forum owners get activity on their site thus gaining long-term members. You only need a firm grasp of the English language and you get paid between $.05 and $.08 per post depending on your rating which is determined by quality of your post. A referral system is also in place so if you get other people to sign using your link, Postloop matches %20 of your referrals earnings and give it you.



    I can earn money by website without AdSense.

    My site many viewe,so i can earn money?

    Google give me money?

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      If your site is getting more visitors, then monetize with AdSense. Yes, Google gives you money through AdSense. Check if your site complies with AdSense T&C and sign up for it! All the best, Sandip! :)

  • diva

    Arjun, im good at english.i can write articles and stories.i created account in freelancer.com but it costs $5 for qualification exam i dont have any money to pay.plz suggest me websites which is completely free. Thanks in advance

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Hey Diva,

      If you are good at writing articles and stories, why don’t you start your own blog and earn money. Buy a domain. It’s cheap on several websites. Link the domain with Blogger and write articles based on your interest. Submit your blog on Google. Drive more visitors. Sign up for Google AdSense and voila! you can do wonders!

  • Nandini

    most informative blog ever! well done author !

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Thank you! :)

  • Hiren

    hi. Arjun
    i want to know about a website . is this a trusted site or not.

    massonlinesolution dot com

    plz rply me soon…

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Unfortunately this site is no more.


    Hi I want to start email sending work and earn money so pl send the trusted website name or best online work make more money. pl send.

  • armaan

    brother what about readbud and fiverr??? are u sure bro,,these are safe???
    i’m a beginner so,,,,which one will be good for me???

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Yes. They are safe!


    Hi I want to start email sending work and earn money so pl send the trusted website name or best online work make more money. pl reply

  • http://www.digiclickmoney.com Ramesh Sawant

    I am a beginner for online money earning. I am already a neobux member. The earning here is very slow. Real income is through direct referrals. Can you suggest how to increase direct referrals.

  • Sameer

    My favourite is paisalink.com to earn money. They are similar to clickbank but specific to Indian visitors. So suited me well.

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Thanks for sharing with us!

  • http://Coolafrik.blogspot.com McCall

    Have a Blog, but don’t know how to link it to other sites /channels for current events and news. Pls help me

  • Rohit Sharma

    Hey Arjun,
    Please suggest me 2-3 of above sites for data entry operations and transcribe as I am not well qualified and do not have knowledge of web designing and all related stuff.
    Thank You

  • http://toletbd.me Naaifa Sultana

    Thank you for the list, now I will try on listed website to earn some money

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      All the best! Happy Online Earning!

  • tony

    Sir can I use
    Clickbank website for efficient earning??

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Yes you can. ClickBank works great but depends on how you make people to buy from your link.

  • sachitra

    I have a paypal account can you help me how can i earn online

  • Hemanshu

    hey man, I want to know that site named “digital profit course” is real or fake. can I trust on this site.

  • Hemanshu

    is “digital profit course” is real???

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Hi Hemanshu,

      I want you to read this Quora answer regarding the Digital Profit Course. A lot of such sites have been emerged.

  • misriya

    is it?????/

  • asha

    how much i can from neobux and clickbank

  • Ravinder Negi

    Hi arjun i am begginner .how i create a website .please give me brief process

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      As a beginner, try writing blogs. Use Blogger.com to write blogs. Once you have got a good number of followers, that’s the time to monetize it. All the best! Get started!