How To: Hide Last Name on Facebook [2015 Working Trick]

I recently posted how to hide last name on Facebook and have single name to show on profile. The trick was patched soon by Facebook. Now, you can again have single name and  hide last name on Facebook profile. Let me teach you the how to do them. If you have already learnt about the old trick, then, you may need to do an additional step to hide your last name. Indonesians are officially allowed to have single name on Facebook as most of the people on Indonesia have only one name. They seem to have last name. May be, the reason should be like that and that’s why Facebook allows to have them only the single name.

If you are from other country, you may not be able to hide your last name but it is now possible by VPN (Virtual Private Network) services. Before you step into the procedure, always remember that Facebook’s name change policy is somewhat strict as compared to other social networking sites. Make sure that you have more chances to change your name. Remember that you are performing this trick unofficially and Facebook can harm or change your name at anytime without any notification.

Also, remember that this trick doesn’t really ‘hides’ your last name. This tutorial will teach you how to have only the first name on Facebook. You don’t really provide your last name to ‘hide’.

Adverse effect of this trick:

When you have a single name on Facebook using this trick, you will face some problems while using Facebook applications or while signing up on third party websites using Facebook. Suppose, the site you are signing up requires both first name and last name, then Facebook will provide the same first name as your last name. For example, if you have succeeded in having a “Michael” as your Facebook name, then while signing up such websites, you may get “Michael Michael” as your name on that website. This might look weird.


To perform this trick, may need to access proxy websites. You can also use VPN software to the trick but I will teach you with VPN sites.

Let me dive into the steps.

Step #1: Log in to your Facebook account and reach Account Settings.

Step #2: Change the Language to Bahasa Indonesia.


Step #3: Now, you need to show Facebook that you are from Indonesia so that Facebook will believe as though you are an Indonesian. this will allow you to have single name on Facebook. To do this, land on the following link:

Copy the Proxy address and Port. Mostly, depend on recent proxies which has high speed and lifetime. Some of the proxy may not work but most proxies will work.

Step #4: Now, press Winkey + R to open Run window. Type inetcpl.cpl and hit Enter.

Step #5: In the Local Area Network (LAN) Settings dialog box, click on Connections tab. Click on the LAN settings button.

Step #6: Check or tick the Use Proxy Server for your LAN option. Paste the  Proxy address and Port which you got from the above link (Step #3).

Hide last name on Facebook

Note that you don’t refer to the proxy address in the above screenshot. Always depend on a fresh and new (Step #3).

Step #7: Click on the OK button. Now, try to change your name on your Facebook account as you do normally. Leave the Last Name empty. Enter your password and save settings.

Hide Last Name on Facebook Single Name

 And, voila, Facebook has accepted your name change now.

After changing your name, please see that you revert the settings that you have made. That is, remove the proxy from LAN settings and change your Facebook language.

If you have any queries, write below in comments. We feel happy to solve your problem.

On some people’s request, we have made a video on this. Please follow this video if you feel uncomfortable in this article.

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247 thoughts on “How To: Hide Last Name on Facebook [2015 Working Trick]”

    1. Did you change the language to Basha indonesia? Try them. Also, all proxies doesn’t work. you have to try the top 10 recent proxies. 4 out of 10 might work.

        1. As many people are complaining that this trick isn’t working, I am planning to make a video tutorial. Please stay tuned. :) Once I’ve done, I will attach the video in this post.

  1. Term “Basha Indonesia” isn’t corect. It is Bahasa Indonesia, that’s what you got in Facebook languange list. Btw, i’m Indonesian. :)

  2. Nice do i view facebook profile of a person using facebook pictures filename ( 12345_123456789012345_1234567890_n.jpg ) and If the picture is a private photo of that person :) .

      1. tht link not of much help yaar…tried it..getting service unavailable msg….. I have the image name of a facebook pic which is do i find out the user name of tht person..

      2. Service Unavailable – DNS failure
        The server is temporarily unable to service your request. Please try again later.

        Reference #11.6cbf3b17.1364409703.72fd98b1

        thts te error msg dude

  3. hey dude Im having trouble at step 7..I cant change my name because I cant read the language. but dont worry about that because I can figure it out..Im thinking, how can I change my ADRESS and PORT back to DEFAULT?

    1. Jason, No worries. Again follow the Step #4 and Step #5. You can see the same dialog box like the above one. Just uncheck the option, Use Proxy Server for your LAN. Your internet connection will behave normal.

    1. You can have accent characters in your name. Facebook will accept it. Your name Jason can be written as Jásõñ. Facebook will accept this and not other stylish fonts.

    1. Did you try changing the language? Because, earlier the earlier trick which we posted didn’t say about changing the language but it worked for few days. Later, Facebook patched the trick. But now, the same trick is working now just by changing the language and proxy.

  4. Do you have a tutorial on how to remove the Change Name Limit? It only shows 3 of the names that were used before, and now I can’t change it :(

    1. You change proxy settings in Mac too.

      • Open up Firefox.
      • Choose Preferences from Firefox’s drop down list.
      • Choose Advanced and then select Network tab.
      • Hit the Settings button.
      • Select the Manual Proxy Configuration.
      • Enter the HTTP Proxy and Port got from the URL (proxynova)
      • Click OK and you’re done!
  5. Hi arjun it doesnt work.. can you please change it for me? ill give you my account and password if its okay with you..

    1. As you are changing proxy, I don’t guess you can do that in a mobile phone. But still, try some apps on your smartphones that lets you to change proxy. After changing the proxy and language, it should work in mobile too.

  6. Hiding last name didn’t work on my fb profile. It is giving msg ….Anda tidak dapat memperbarui nama Anda saat ini karena Anda telah menggantinya terlalu sering. Pelajari selengkapnya.(You can not update your name at this time because you have to replace it too often. Learn more.) Can u please help me

    1. That’s really a good question. You are thinking out of the box! 😀 Well, I appreciate that but let us look even for that in future. This is going to be a challenging task really.

    1. Hey Kristine, We can show up an ID card to Facebook and we can request for name change but you can’t have a single name during that request. It is mandatory to provide both First Name and Last Name.

    1. Hello Gina, you can do this in Firefox of your Mac.

      After the Step #3, follow the steps below.

      Open up Firefox.
      Choose Preferences from Firefox’s drop down list.
      Choose Advanced and then select Network tab.
      Hit the Settings button.
      Select the Manual Proxy Configuration.
      Enter the HTTP Proxy and Port got from the URL (proxynova)
      Click OK and you’re done!

  7. Can I do this with mobile? Please answer me. Which mobile app should i use for changing it. My mobile Nokia Lumia 520

  8. every time i set windows up with the proxy, facebook won’t load? all other webpages will load, but it’s like facebook is blocking me out. as soon as i turn off the proxy it lets me back in. i’ve used over 50 proxies from many different sites. how do i work around this? i live in australia. thanks.

    1. Facebook loads dull when you use proxies. To avoid such situations, land on Account Settings page with your default proxy and then try out Indonesian Proxy to change your name. After changing your name, you may revert back your proxy settings.

  9. this doesnt wrok. i tried about 15 servers from that list, and i see the “please fill in the surname” without fail. the ip changes, as indicates, and it still doesn’t work. i’ll try on windows next time.

    1. Did you change the language to Bahasa Indonesia? Change to it and try those proxy servers, it works.

      A Tip: Before changing the proxy address and post, land on your Account Settings page. Then change your proxy address and post. Finally, your name.

      1. hey hey!
        yes, of course i changed the language :) to indonesian,, yup…
        dont tell me it works when it doesnt, i tried ~15 times exactly according to your instruction on a mac and it didnt work, i suspected it had something to do with the fact i was trying to do it on a mac, and i was right – i just did it with no trouble at all on my windows laptop.
        so fyi, it works only on windows. not really surprising though.
        i’ve a mac retina with mountain lion and i use chrome on it, and my pc is a win 7 run sony vaio.
        cheers and thanks!

  10. Thanks a lot dude, still works. Just add to change proxy when account page is up, but before changing language/name – use proxy then :)

  11. It works for me, What suppose to mean the problem guys? :O, oh yeah cool post Arjun :-bd keep It up, If I have any problem related in the future regarding to this kind of glitch-ish facebook thing-y :)) I’ll send you messages right up :)) 😀

    I hate the fact that facebook doesn’t really respect individual’s decision of showing their last name! Granted, I understand that there may be phony people, but at least let us do initials T^T

    But thank you so much! If you find anything confusing, just watch the youtube video!!

  13. As you mentioned in the side effects of getting two first names in some fb apps , can we come over this by giving single letter as second name ? Is it possible to give second name as a single letter ?

      1. Yes it works dude thanks for your tutorial , and you can make a new one to give single letter for last name using this same tricks :)

  14. Won’t work for me. I get the message “anda harus memberikan nama lengkap anda” which translates to “you must provide your full name”

  15. Update to mention that I got it working. I ended up with a Romanian proxy server that worked. The mysteries of the internet, I guess. Thanks

  16. Dear Arjun,
    maine try kiya to last name delete hota hai bt ye error msg aa raha hai

    Kami mengharuskan semua orang agar menggunakan nama asli mereka di Facebook. Pelajari Selengkapnya.
    (We require everyone to use their real names on Facebook. Learn More.)
    plz help

  17. Guys its working……. i have failed first time but later i have tried other ips…. its working…….thanks for the nice post………… Arjun…….

    1. well i tried on PC with your method and it works now. before i didn’t use “Winkey + R to open Run window. Type inetcpl.cpl and hit Enter.”

    1. Hi Prateek,

      Indonesian proxies would be slow when you try to access them from your location. Just try more Indonesian proxies.

      Tip: Change your language without proxy. Stay on your Account Settings page and then change the proxy so that after changing the proxy you may just need to change your name. When everything is successful, you can switch back to previous proxy or remove the proxy. Then finally, you can change the page.

  18. Worked on a mac.
    Did it as suggested above… But instead of changing the HTTP Proxy Configuration, I changed the SSL proxy configuration. So, in recap:
    Open up Firefox.
    Choose Preferences from Firefox’s drop down list.
    Choose Advanced and then select Network tab.
    Hit the Settings button.
    Select the Manual Proxy Configuration.
    Enter the SSL Proxy and Port got from the URL (proxynova)
    Click OK and you’re done!

    Thank you!

    1. Hey, thanks so much for this! The detail in your post helped me finally get this working. I’m not sure exactly what was going wrong before (also on a Mac), but it might have just been that using Firefox fixed it. Thanks!

  19. thank you arjun. still works as of 10th of February 2014.
    your link to the site of proxy-servers was dead at this moment, but i tried ‘hidemyass’ and it worked like a charm.

  20. Facebook’s policy is cockdirt. They never put a public number on how many names changes you could have. Last time I checked, about 3 month’s ago – Facebook said I had one more name change so really think on it. Now they say I have none without me changing anything.

    1. That’s the disadvantage of this trick. It appears “Rahat Rahat” on Mobile site and Facebook apps but looks “Rahat” on desktop site.

  21. Arjun
    I did everything…. But after i chose the language Basha indonesia and click on “NAMA” And then i cant click on “sSunting” when i click on that nothing happens, like the click just dosent work

  22. Hey @Arjun, that worked like charm!! 😀 Thanks a lot for explaining stuff in such a simple way…Looking forward for many more..Thank you again :)

    ~ Akhil.K

  23. Looks like facebook patched it. Ive followed all the instructions but nothing worked. lol. Had to use Google Translator quite a few times. But yeah, its not working.

  24. thnk u so much ma brotha Arjun :), it is working
    yours is veryvery helpfull, i’ve been looking for this trick so long and failed result :(
    i’ll say, thnk u one more time.

      1. Hello. What if I am using a broadband not LAN. What should I do? Where should I change the proxy? Broadband settings or still LAN?

  25. One of the steps isn’t working for me. I’m up at the “Connections” part in the process, and although I ticked the box, the boxes for the proxy and port are grey and aren’t letting me type in them. Help?

  26. When I try this trick and I already have a single name, will it be able to change it again and to put my second name back without waiting for change name period?

  27. Hey hi !! This is Great, it works :) My question is how to go back to my original proxy, is it safe to use some random proxy ?? i forgot to note my original one !!

    1. Doesn’t seem to be working. I’ve tried multiple ip addresses and I can’t get to most other websites but FB I just get an Web error 404.

      1. Update* I continued refreshing the list of proxy servers and just kept trying new proxies until one finally let me open FB and it worked. Good luck and thank you to the author.

  28. working good, use proxy port 8080 and do what this page says :) firefox you can get addons where its easy to change proxy.

  29. Hello, this trick works and I could remove the last name yesterday but today when I logged in to shitbook it forced me to update my name, so I had to write a last name too, but I did not write my real last name I wrote a fake name which got accepted but maybe they will ask me to change again in the future.

    I hate facebook and didn’t want this shit but I have to chat with some girl that only has facebook so my only option was to create a facebook account. They can go to hell with their trying to force people to use their real identity. This is internet, everybody has the right to be anonymous, but facebook is trying to prevent that.

  30. I have to enter my full name into facebook now or else I’m locked out, I presume Facebook are knuckling down on people with non-authenticated names. Is there any way to bypass this and still keep one name?

  31. Thank you so much!!!! It worked brilliantly and I was even able to use my very cool African alphabet nickname!!!! :D:D:D:D:D

  32. It doesn’t work for me, whenever I leave the last name empty it shows error and sometimes Firefox does not connect only after changing proxies

  33. Didnt work for me.
    I used HOLA as a VPN for indonesia.
    Changed my location as per the article.
    But When i tried to save it , i got a red error message which I assume is telling me i need to put in a last name. ( i cant read Indonesian :) )

    Any advice?

  34. Hey.. I liked your trick.. But o don’t hsve any dongle or high speed internet on my pc.. All i have is my android phone can use it by my android phone xperia sp

  35. All of it manages to work except for the part where i need to confirm it by inputting my password. after i tried inputting my password nothing happens. Even if i click it several times it just loads and stops loading. Assuming fb fixed this? if not. i hope you can help.

  36. It works all the way up to verify and enter password; then when I click save changes,,, it appears to be saving,, but it stays there and it doesn’t save the changes.

  37. I have problem performing the change in my Microsoft Windows phone browsers. Whats the remedy here @Cryptlife…. thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Pramodh, you can use your mobile phone while changing name. Use different accents with your keyboard while changing the name.

      Note: Facebook is more concerned about the names these days. People who have single name is now detected by Facebook and they ask for ID proof to verify the name.

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