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Upload Animated Pictures on Facebook Page/Profile [Cover Photo and Life Events]

Now, it’s time for you to place an animated picture on Facebook for your page. The method instructed to insert animated pictures on Facebook profile is completely a different one, that is, by tagging. But here, you may upload by altering or changing some attributes in Facebook source code. Using this method, you can upload animated pictures to your Facebook timeline too. This method is not meant only for pages, also works for profiles that have timeline. A previous method which I posted about animated pictures on Facebook is by continuous tagging process. That process looked more troublesome to most of the users who love Facebook tricks. The problem is, we have to find a profile with animated picture, add him/her as a friend and get tagged in that picture. That method looks more complicated, right? What if, I take their profile picture without giving any friend request or getting tagged? Sounds Good, Right? Now, you may insert animated pictures on Facebook profile or pages.

Note: You won’t be able to upload your own GIF images as Facebook has patched the trick long back.

To do this trick, you will require Google Chrome. If you use Mozilla Firefox, you will require Firebug plugin to be installed on your browser.

Let me teach using my profile. The same trick applies for Facebook Page, but instead of Life events, you have to use Milestone feature.

To insert animated picture on your profile’s cover picture:

Step #1: Go to someone’s Timeline, example mine. You can also make use of any page.

Step #2: Open the Cover Photo.

Step #3: Analyse the URL of the picture. Copy the value of fbid and paste it in Notepad for easy use.

Example: If you find a URL like the one below, then the fbid is 3288234299547

Step #4: Go to your Profile and hover on your timeline. Choose Change Cover option. Select Choose from Photos and select any album of yours.

Step #5: Right click on the first picture (for making the tutorial not confusing) and choose Inspect element.

Step #6: Find something in the code as shown in the below picture. This will look like fbid which you copied from others profile or page. Just replace that ID with the one which you copied from other page or profile.


Replace Value Facebook Photo ID

[Click on the above image to enlarge]

Step #7: Click on the first picture which you right clicked for changing the code. Now, it’s time for you to show off your friends or fans.

You can also insert animated cover photo on Facebook page. Follow the same above method for pages.

To insert animated picture on Life event or Milestone:

Step 1: Go to someone’s timeline and see about of theirs. You may also use my profile. I have some animated images added in my Life event. you can make use of that. My profile link is available in the step 1 of the above tutorial.

Step 2: Open the picture which gets animated on their Life event. Please note, that you can also use your other’s animated cover photo for inserting it into your timeline.

Profile Life Events

Step 3: Copy the value of fbid from the Photo URL.

Step 4: Go to your profile and in status box, choose Life Event. Choose any type of event, say Travel & Experiences > other Life Event.

Step 5: Enter the name for the event and click on Choose from Photos. From now, Follow the Step #5, #6, #7 of the above tutorial.

To insert animated picture on Facebook Pages, just in the step #4, you will be seeing a option Milestone. Use them to create events for Pages.

Animated Pictures Milestone Pages

If you have anymore doubts and troubles, you may comment below. I feel happy to troubleshoot the problem. Like us on Facebook and stay subscribed with us. Happy Facebooking and Thanks for visiting CryptLife! We will bring you more tricks soon.

  • Anirudh

    Awesome Research . And do please find , how to update status with Animated Image 😀 . Thanks

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Sure! When it’s available I will let you know. Emoji was allowed to insert on Facebook status but now, it has patched all.

    • arkee

      I did everything correctly, but it’s not saving the photo.

      • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

        The trick has been patched by Facebook. Stay connected with us to notify you about new tricks and tips.

  • Carlos

    Is there a way that I can get fbid of an animated gif I just made?

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Own GIF images can’t be uploaded. The trick was already patched by Facebook. Only images that are already on Facebook has fbid.

      • Shiv

        heres what i did:
        I went to the page with the firing cat picture.
        clicked on the picture and in the url, i took the fbid.
        then i went to my profile and cliced change cover photo and chose from photos
        then i clicked inspect element
        I used Apple F (Ctr+F on windows) and typed in “MediaThumb” to find the line show in the picture above and i replaced that value before “rel=” with the fbid. then i hit enter, and clicked on the picture and changed it to my cover photo…and nothing happened. Any solutions to this problem im having?

        • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

          While choosing from photos, see that you see a list of photos and not list of albums. If you see a list of albums, then click on any album.
          Right click on the first picture, and click Inspect Element (Chrome) or Inspect Element with Firebug (Firebug).
          Do not press any Ctrl + F, just see the code after clicking Inspect Element. A code starts with “<a”
          Follow that line, you’ll see either photo_id or photo_fbid. Change the value to the fbid which you copied from the picture URL.

  • Elwin

    What if we use notes to upload the gif image have seen many people doing it

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Yes you’re right but it was patched by Facebook long back. It was made possible just by using a normal HTML tag for images.
      But Facebook, now makes all images static.

  • eyal

    So how come there is that timeline animate picture? how it possible that its working on facebook and we cant create one?

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      The trick to upload an animated picture was working long back. At that time people uploaded such pictures. One of the big pictures is firing cat. It meets all the size eligibility for setting it as cover photo. Now, the trick is patched by Facebook. But animated pictures are still animating. By continuous tagging or by changing the source, we may place animated picture in our timeline’s cover.

  • / NIkola

    Hey mann can you do this for me pls!! i cant do thiss is so hard the tutorial is so hard…
    Can you do that,i will send my e-mail and pass for FB and gif animation?
    I expect an answer!

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      I think this can be a easy method when you succeed in it at least once. I will guide you. Most of the people find difficulty while inspecting element. That is so simple! Just find the code starting with

  • Robski

    Hey Arjun!

    This tutorial worked really well, I used somone elses fid from their aimated cover and it worked.

    However, I’m now trying to figure out how I can upload my very own animated .”gifs”, I heard somewhere that you can convert .gif into .jpg files without losing the animation.

    Looking forward to your input!

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Thank you! Happy to see that this article helped you! Own GIF images can’t be uploaded. That trick was patched by Facebook long back. But still pictures were animated till today which was uploaded by that method. So, by tagging or by changing the photo_fbid, we may make animated picture as ours.

  • / NIkola

    U want to say that gift animation cant be uploaded?

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Yes. You can’t upload GIF images to Facebook as it resize ever image it gets on its server. A trick used to upload such animated ones was working long back, not now. But the images which were uploaded using the trick is still working. Those images can now be used for your cover picture without even having to download them.

  • Yui

    I was wondering if you knew anything about this.


    This is the latest .gif that this person has uploaded, less than a day old (as i’m currently posting this) and has many more. There must be a way.

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Yes. Check out my profile’s Life event for such pictures. :)

  • / NIkola

    Yo man one more to ask you can you do this for me!! PLS

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Sure! Please. Happy to help you!

  • Stephen

    I tried finding Inspect Element on my Windows 7 computer using Google Chrome, here is what I get:


    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Stephen, You have right clicked on file browser. You don’t have to download the image from Facebook even. Just open the cover picture, fortunately, you’ll get it in a theater mode and now, on the image you have to right click and choose inspect element. For your information, own GIF images can’t be uploaded to Facebook. Only Existing GIF on Facebook will work. The trick used to upload own GIF images was patched by Facebook long back.

  • Sam

    Is there a way to do this with profile pictures?

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      We can’t do this with profile picture for two reasons:
      [1] Whenever a profile picture is chosen from Photos of you, it asks for cropping. This will result in making the animating image static.
      [2] Uploading animated pictures on Facebook was patched long back. A trick similar to this was used.
      If I find anything to set as profile picture, will post here.

  • Dude

    Dude why are saying facebook patched it? Can’t you see this image was uploaded on July 17th

    Now I know how to do it and I’m not gonna tell ya!

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Well, it was uploaded on July 17th but that person didn’t upload directly from his computer. He might have used this or the previous trick to upload. Just visit my Facebook profile and see the cover picture upload date and Life event uploads. It shows July! The thing is, we’ve uploaded indirectly.
      Patched I mean is, we can only use available GIF images on Facebook. We can’t upload our own GIF images. The method to upload own GIF is patched but pictures uploaded by that method still animates. If you want more pictures, you may visit my about me part of my timeline. You can take images from History by Year section by using this method (this article).
      BTW, please use real name for the comment.

  • Sothe52

    So, I want to be able to use this GIF for my banner. cresselina.deviantart.com/art/Umbreon-And-Espeon-Caramelldansen-Animation-290353190. However, I’m reading the comments, and you say there is a patch, and to have it, I would need somebody who made it work before the patch. Right? Is there no other way, I have to rely on the hope that somebody else has made it work and use that? If so, do you know of a way to find someone who has it uploaded? Thanks!

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Try contacting this page: facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.125244550820831.21461.123901794288440&type=1
      they have uploaded long back when that trick was active.
      Page: facebook.com/pages/parole-pensieri-e-ricordi/123901794288440

  • Ziyad Qazi

    Which are the active GIF in Facebook now???

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Check out my Facebook Profile’s “About Me” Part. History by Year will show some animated pictures that are active now. If I find anything, I will add there.

      • dan

        what is your FB profile

        • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun


  • Charles

    It says you do not have permission to do this when i click the pic on the last step, help?

    • Charles

      “You don’t have sufficient permissions to do that.” thats what pops up…

      • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

        Please see that FBID which you are taking from is a public photo.

        • Andrew

          I also get this error

          • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

            See that you upload pictures that is made public or better, it’s recommended to have a picture of your friend’s timeline which has animated picture.

    • Dasia

      It says I don’t have permission to do it..?

      • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

        See that the picture is visible to public.

  • Andrew

    First off, my link looks completely different. I get something like “sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash4/318826_266662150101949_579974994_n.jpg” and the moment that I change the element to that it will show up as that picture, but then when I click on it, it reverts back to the original image. I have no clue what’s wrong.

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      When you see any animated picture on Facebook, do not copy/see the direct image URL. Just open the image in theater mode and analyse the URL in the address bar of your browser. You can find the value of fbid there.

  • Tonmoy

    would you please tell me is there any cover picture except ”cat firing ” and ”Arabic one” ?? // which is more then 399 pixl wide animated pic applicable for cover pic ? plZ give the url .

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      If I find something like that, I’ll update this post. Stay tuned. Like us on Facebook or subscribe to our mailing list.

  • azaan shaikh

    hello! Arjun and 1st of all thank you very much for ur tricks…. :)
    i just wanted to knw how u used other fonts for ur profile name? cus whenever i tried different fonts it shows error msg. please help me out… thanks! :) take care…

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      You can use your mobile for doing this. A normal Nokia phone can be used to insert these text.

      • azaan shaikh

        thanks! Arjun….
        but i want to do it via system… Is there any solution for that?

        • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

          With an application “system” or without using any application?
          If you want to post via “system”, then create a Facebook application. Tutorial: http://www.cryptlife.com/internet/social/animated-pictures-on-facebook-as-page
          Use this link to get access token: facebook.com/dialog/oauth?client_id=YOUR_APP_ID&redirect_uri=YOUR_CANVAS_PAGE&scope=publish_actions
          In this way, you can use your own application to post animated pictures on Facebook Timeline.

        • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

          Or, Try with this.

          Replace YOUR_APP_ID and YOUR_CANVAS_PAGE with your application ID and canvas page.
          Canvas page is the one which you provide while setting up the application. If you didn’t get the idea of this, just use the URL of Facebook, it works fine. :)

      • azaan shaikh

        and one more problem. I followed your steps to upload animated cover to my timeline. After clicking on the picture which I right clicked for changing the code it is not getting uploaded :(

        • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

          Please see that you’ve followed these:
          1) You have to select any album and then you have to do inspect element.
          2) You won’t be seeing the animated picture in the “Choose from Photos” dialog though you’ve replaced the photo_fbid.
          3) Please see that FBID you’re trying to take is a public image.

          • azaan shaikh

            I did the same u instructed but still the image is not getting uploaded to ma timeline….

  • Ivanz

    after getting fbid code? what is the next move?

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Go to your Timeline > Change Cover Photo > Choose from photos > Select any album > Right click on the photo > Insepect element > Replace photo_fbid value > Select the photo which you inspect elemented > You’re done.

  • tonmoy

    is there any 399 pxl wide gif for cover pic except ”cat ” and ”arabic one ”? And how to upload customized gif ? is it possible ?

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Not more than 399 pixel size animated pictures are available. If found, will notify on our Facebook Fan Page or in this post. Stay connected! Own GIFs cannot be uploaded.

  • Leonardo John Ortillo

    How do i make a gif as a cover photo ? The Gif was personally made.

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      We can’t upload own GIF. But if a GIF is available on Facebook, we can use this method to transfer to your account. The method to upload own animated pictures was patched by Facebook long back.

  • azaan shaikh

    I did the same u instructed but still the image is not getting uploaded to ma timeline….

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      You may try the previous method then, that is by tagging.

  • `mOp

    what is wrong with you people he said you can’t upload ur own GIF !!!!
    For exemple . there is a room with a door and window one day the door was opened and some one get in the room and put a lot of chocolate then the door was patched (closed) so all the people was eating the some chocolate from the window !!! no one else can upload their own chocolate from the doors.. it’s the same for GIf

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Perfect Example.

  • Otto

    is this patched it say i dont have permission to do this

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      1) See that the picture is made public.
      2) If you are changing cover picture for your Page, check whether, your have set that cover picture and made privacy “public”.

  • Delic WillrapeHibiyawithaCrowbar Heiwajima

    I can’t find out how to do this, do you think you could help

    we can use Join.me or something?


    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Where do you stuck up? I’ll help you!

  • Delic WillrapeHibiyawithaCrowbar Heiwajima

    I’m wan’t to use a photo from Tumblr but i honestly don’t get what you’re saying

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Own GIF images can’t be used as cover. Only animating pictures that are available on Facebook work. The pictures can be trasferred from one profile to another profile by using this method.

  • Jessie

    I got a message that goes like this:
    The user doesn’t have permission to attach this photo to another object.

  • Jessie

    When I save the animated image, I got a message that goes like this:
    The user doesn’t have permission to attach this photo to another object.
    What will I do?

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Facebook seems to have patched this trick few hours ago. This trick will work no more. We are currently working on different stuffs to make Facebook more fun. Stay Tuned!

      • ian

        aaaah i was just about to ask. my save changes button isnt working.

      • joe

        wow, and to think I was looking for all this info all week and JUST NOW find it after it’s not working… just my luck…

  • sagar

    Why cant i save dat animated image..? plzz give me feed back

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      No more animated pictures can be transferred now. Facebook has patched this trick. Stay tuned with us to get more updates similar to this. We are doing research to have fun on Facebook.

  • joey

    wow… and to think i was looking for this information all week and JUST found it today… just my luck…

  • hyu

    I can do everything and it was really simple to do but when i choose the photo again and i get to reposition the cat i cant save it…. :<

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Facebook patched this trick just approximately 48 hours ago. Stay tuned with us to receive more updates regarding such types of trick. Thank you!

  • zishan

    dude…i done all the steps…but i didnt get my pic…instead of that i got your firing at pic

  • Roden Ico

    Let’s wait for sir arjun’s update, :)

  • brian

    This trick still work now?

  • nell

    i did all the steps but i cant save it :(

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      The trick seems to be patched recently. Stay subscribed to our RSS and Facebook Fan Page so that we will notify you about the new tricks.

  • jane miles

    it’s not saving the photo. :(

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      When you try to save, it will notify that you don’t have permission. It was working few days ago. nearly more than 10 days the tricks was working. Now, its not. The trick is patched. Stay subscribed to RSS and Facebook Fan Page to stay updated on latest tips, tricks and how to guides on CryptLife.

  • bijal

    hey nice dude !!
    bt wat abut facebook hacking ???? .i appreciate ur views on this… may i humbly ask you for some little lessons in hacking .. can u tell how 2 hack facebook account !!>? sorry if its a burden!!

  • tonmoy

    😀 😀 .. its over ….. not working … facebook stopped animation ……
    let us know new tricks ……… thX Arjun

  • arinad dikno

    Sir, please tell me in detail how i might accomplish this. I have many animated dolls with me. if you can tell it will be greatful as I might be able to upload them on my album.

    thanks in advance


    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      This trick is no longer working. Facebook has patched this trick. You can’t upload any animated pictures on your life events.

  • Alvin John

    hey i am from india too. i saw this on a hacking forum in orkut. there was a whole link to an album given there, like a year ago. do you have it? pls share. and the trick for adding animated gif in life events has been fixed i think. pls share more tricks and keep the good work.

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      The trick still seems to have patched. Though it doesn’t tells anything when you save, the animated picture becomes static after saving.

  • nicole

    i found someone who have a gif image on his photos facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=441111295912306&set=p.441111295912306&type=1&theater

    how can he do that???

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      The photo was uploaded on July 16, 2012. On August 1 of this year (2012), Facebook patched the trick.

  • Tun Tun Aung

    Hello! Sir Arjun. I can change the cover photo to shooting cat by using chrome browser inspect element method. But I refresh my page, it disappear. Cannot save changes. I want to know how to permanent upload gif img to facebook. It will be a way to upload gif img. Because <> page are now working easily but I cannot upload other link (my photo) to facebook via this page. It works only gif img on facebook. Thanks for your answer. Watiting for your reply. Thanks alot …………..

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      The trick is patched. That’s why, when you save them, you are not successful. This trick was working earlier. We’ll notify you when any such new method is available. Stay connected. Like us on Facebook.

  • Tun Tun Aung

    facebook animated picture page are working easily………..this will have a way ………..

  • Hardik

    Hi Arjun,

    How to get facebook message notification symbol back to red “After Making the message unread”?

  • Joshua

    When I initially commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get
    three e-mails with the same comment. Is there any way you can remove me from that service?

    Appreciate it!

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      You can unsubscribe to comments when you receive email. At the bottom of the email content, you can find an option for unsubscribing from comments.

  • haifa hassan

    its cute romantic……….

  • phurba

    That is just for some time only

  • Harry

    Whenever i tagged myself to any facebook pages photos, from the past few days its showing “you dont have sufficient permission”. what could be the cause ????

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      The trick is patched by Facebook a few months ago. Due to this, we receive an error “You don’t have sufficient permission”. If we find any ways to insert animated pictures on Facebook, we’ll show up on CryptLife. Stay Tuned.

  • farah

    well i follow all your step but the problem i cant change the html source how i can change it

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Hi Farah, This trick is supposed to be patched by Facebook. Stay subscribed to us. When we post any trick, you can access from your Email.

  • ian

    Please do not shout at me but is it possible to have a series of jpeg cover photos which scroll from one to the other on a loop? Does that make sense?

    So not just one static cover photo / picture but a changing image.

    If it is possible, how do you do it and how do you set the scrolling time / rate?

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Your idea is totally a good one! But Facebook doesn’t give a feature to play slideshow. If any bug found on Facebook, we can consider them.

  • http://iqbalfreak.blogspot.com Iqbal

    Please help me
    I’ve tried but there was something like this
    ‘You do not have enough permissions to do so.’ ????? answer

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Yes. After Facebook had patched the trick, it doesn’t allow us to add animated pictures.

      • thinley

        Hey Arjun, I tried following your steps.. it did not work. I tried to upload the animated GIF image .. its not working.. just the animated image is becoming static..

        In Step #7: Click on the first picture which you right clicked for changing the code, you don’t seem to mention we need to safe the profile or not. Its directly directed to the other profile. And you don’t also mention as how to close the code box… please kindly help me on that

        • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

          Thinley, I am sorry to say that this trick isn’t working anymore. Facebook has patched the trick. Stay subscribed to us if you want to receive more tricks from us.
          BTW, to close the code box, just you will have to press F12 or the close button which will be available at the right top of the box.

  • Joiner

    Please don’t reinact the following: Source Code editing of Facebook!!!

  • arjay vicher

    it does’t work on me

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      It works no more. The trick is patched by Facebook.

  • Ivette

    I want to upload gif onto my profile and use it as my cover photo, and I do all the steps to making it my cover photo, but it doesn’t move. Help?

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      The trick has been patched by Facebook. Animated covers do not animated any more Also when it was working, it didn’t allow us to upload custom GIFs.

  • Danish

    it’s not work.

  • Ivan

    i know that facebook have patched this trick but today (09-06-13) i see various animated gifs on my timeline, heres the link >> if anyone have some idea how to do this please share.


    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Yes, I too saw this. This was uploaded on July 24, 2012 (at the time when we posted this trick) 😀
      His picture should have gone viral recently. People might have found this only by now and should be sharing now.

  • ishika

    help me pics is not uploading :(

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      This method has been patched by Facebook. We are experimenting new tricks. Please stay tuned.

      • Jawad

        still tuned but you couldn’t find any trick here you can see he is posting gif .

        • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

          Hello Jawad, you may check the new trick here.

  • Megalopes

    How can I make this?

    • Megalopes

      Animated Pictures on Facebook Page


      • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

        Hi, see those pictures. they have been uploaded on July 2012. The trick was working fine at that time. Now, it doesn’t but you can post your own animated pictures on Facebook groups. Read here the tutorial.

  • Jesse

    When you figure out how to put Animated pictures back on cover profiles.. Please let me know.. I would love to have one on my profile.. I have one picked out already :)

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun


  • Gracie

    Schöner post:)

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      Danke! :)

  • https://www.facebook.com/xanderpl Xander

    Are there any working way to post gif on WALL without sharing them?

  • MissGee

    Any developments? Latest news is you can now sort of use gif images but you have to press the play button which I think is pointless…

  • joshuel herrera

    THIS SO SO SO SO USELESS the GIF is not moving anyway you should be more accurate ! like make a video of it so that way it should be CLEAR and i can’t see your LIFE EVENT if you can’t make a video post a PHOTOS this USELESS tutorial

    • http://www.cryptlife.com/ Arjun

      This trick is patched. We have already mentioned in many comments. We are really sorry for the inconvenience that have occurred. We are finding new tricks that would amaze you. Please stay tuned.

  • http://irzumshafiq.webs.com/irzum.tk/irzumshafiq.uk.nu Irzum Shafiq

    Brother it don’t work for me don’t even show the thumbnail continuously neither in the profile nor in the new feeds >> :( <<