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Delete All Facebook Posts in Single Click [How To]

Facebook Post Manager Chrome Extension

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By looking at your memories that Facebook notify about every morning is kind of weird feeling that how stupid you were during the past. One thing that you often do is, either change the privacy of... more

2016 MacBook Pro Complaints Are Higher Than Pro Talks

2016 MacBook Pro Complaints

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The most prestigious and ultimate hardware from Apple is, a Mac. Whenever you speak about pricing and Apple, it is always overpriced. Apple is often meant for overpricing their products due to... more

How To: Block Unusual Spam Referral Traffic to Your Website

Filters to Block Unusual Spam Referral Traffic

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Getting an accurate analytics report for your website or blog is one of the important things to analyse the further steps that can be taken for improving the site. When you own a website or blog, it... more

iPhone 8 Specs and Design Will Outrank Pixel

iPhone 8 Specs and Design will outrank Google Pixel

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After the launch of Google Pixel, reviewers reviewed Google Pixel for the first time and amazed of its quality and wondered of becoming a competitor for iPhone. Except Google Pixel, no other... more

Apple Replaces Camera and Battery for Free of Charge

Apple replaces camera and battery for free

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"Pay for what you get." - This is the motto which we follow to buy anything from anywhere. We often get disappointed when we do not get things for what we paid. Apple has carefully managed to satisfy... more

Quick Recover Deleted Files Using 3 Powerful Tools

EaseUS - Recover Deleted Files

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If you are losing valuable files and folders this a great panic. But don’t worry for your convenience we have shortlisted some best data recovery software’s that will solve your problem and... more

5 Essential Tools to Install on Ubuntu as a Newbie

Essential Tools to Install on Ubuntu or Linux

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Windows is boring. We have used Windows to the fullest, and we do not want the same Start menu and File Explorer. The boring C:, D:, drives are still the same since we have used a computer for the... more

How to Post Facebook Live Video Poll

Facebook Live Video Poll Trick

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"How to post Facebook Live video poll" is the top notch question I get from various people. I was not aware of the new Facebook live video poll which is going viral everywhere on Facebook pages. I... more

Here’s Why Apple Introduced Touch Bar Instead of Touch Screen

2016 MacBook Pro Complaints

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Apple is known for innovation in hardware and software. The family of Apple devices work seamlessly when they are connected. When Apple can introduce a log of devices that has better touch screens,... more

How To: Reduce Server Load by Optimizing WordPress And Server

Reduce Server Load

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Having a dedicated server is not an easy thing to maintain. You have all control over the server, and it is in the hands of yours to make them optimised. CryptLife is hosted at DigitalOcean, and we... more